Living in Singapore means that being concerned about air quality is natural. People who live in urban areas are more likely to be exposed to man-made pollutants such as cigarette smoke. You are also much more likely to be exposed to allergens like dust and pollen. If you are vulnerable to any of the above, then using an office air purifier in Singapore is a good idea.

If you do not know what an air purifier is, it is a device that makes air cleaner in Singapore offices and homes. Their purposes include removing impurities in the air and dispelling smells. Depending on the type of air purifier, you can reap many benefits from an air purifier.

Your air purifier’s effectiveness depends on where you put your air purifier. Here are some places you should put them.

1. 3 feet off the ground

An air purifier can still work on the floor, but it will not be able to capture vertical air movement and flow, making its air purification system a little less effective. Raise it a bit off the ground (around 3 feet) to maximise the air flow.

2. In an open space

You should not put an air purifier next to a television, in a corner, or behind a shredding machine in Singapore. Corners or blocked spaces can make it more difficult for your air purifier to operate and reduce its capacity by as much as 50%.

3. Where the concentration of pollutants is the highest

An air purifier in Singapore can shine when you put it in the places where it can do its job. Place it where there is a high concentration of dust, dander, or smoke. You will see a noticeable difference in your air quality. You might experience fewer allergic reactions because of your decision.

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