System integration and automation are the 2 pivotal solutions that are mandatory to exist in the marketplace nowadays. Why? Well, integrated systems can communicate better that reduces data loss due to miscommunication and automation increases the pace of the workflow that reduces the cost of operation. Needless to say, these are business milestones that are relevant for all market sectors whether banking, IT, health sector and so on.

The real question, however, is how to achieve that degree of automation? And the answer is, using automation tools by giants like Meade Willis. The most significant solutions that allow integration with all systems and languages including the legacy languages are listed below.

  1. WMS Solution

XRP WMS or Warehouse Management Solution by Meade Willis supports features like:

  • Handling warehouse operations in a systematic manner.
  • Monitoring the inventory to track the availability of products at all times so that manufacturing doesn’t stop.

Needless to say, this XRP module is compatible with different kinds of systems and helps in ensuring that the operational cost remains minimum.

  1. TMS Solution

XRP TMS or Transport Management Solution is an effective module that takes care of the entire supply chain procedure until the goods are delivered to the end customers. Some of the best features of this automation tool include the following.

  • Real-time tracking of goods.
  • Interaction between distributors and client’s.

Since this tool allows the feature of real-time tracking, you can keep a tab on all supply steps like:

  • Pick up of goods.
  • Delivery at the next courier station.
  • Pick up from the next warehouse and so on, until the goods reach the end customer.
  1. WOM Solutions

The XRP WOM or Web Order Management Solution is an automated software tool by Meade Willis that integrates the clouds of different systems and units. It’s a wonderful tool that allows real-time data exchange and communication. It increases the transparency between all the parties involved because all the parties can view the same information online.

  1. EDI Solutions

XRP EDI or Electronic Data Exchange Solution is a schematic automation procedure. This tool, when installed, helps in developing electronic billing documents and all other kinds of documents electronically. As a result, the documents can be tracked at all times. It reduces human error by a great margin. Also, since the electronic documents are available in the database, it’s easier to find out any specific document quickly and make it available instantly whenever needed. In other words, it’s one of the best documents-managing software solutions.