High-quality stains and detection kits are in huge demand. Such stains are made of least toxic materials so they are particularly very eco-friendly. Another reason that such biotech applications are required is because they offer accurate test results. And this guide is all about 4 such lab products that are manufactured at IVM Biotech. But before going through the list of all 4, we’d like to let you have a few answers about why this biotech lab?

It’s not brainstorming to imagine the number of biotech companies that claim to be supplying high-quality stains. But all such claims aren’t true. Only when the company follows the following guidelines it can be deemed worthy of your investment.

  • All the instruments and reagents used to make the stains should be high-end.
  • The products must undergo a quality-check at all stages.
  • The reagents should be least toxic and nature friendly.
  • The products should be made available at reasonable rates.
  • It should be easy to contact the CC for support.

That said, the following 4 products are highly useful and required in almost all kinds of tests. Have a look!

  1. Mycoplasma PCR detection Kit

This PCR kit can detect a staggering number of 117 different kinds of mycoplasma. The most natural sources used to prepare it come from cell culture media, DMSO frozen cells, and cell lysates.


  • One kit lasts for 50 tests.
  • It should be stored at -20 degree C.
  1. Cell Transfection Kit

This transfection kit is used for DNA as well as RNA gene delivery in between cells – cell lines as well as primary cells. It doesn’t have any cytotoxic effect on the cells in which it is delivered and can be used to add 1 mg of DNA and RNA in the targeted cells.


  • Works effectively on antibiotics and serum.
  • Should be stored at -20 degree C.
  1. DNA Ladder

This product at IVM Biotech has distinctive, bright, and sharp DNA bands that help in obtaining a clear visualization of the cell specimen on the slide.


  • The dye is completely feasible with Argasole gel.
  • Should be stored at -20 degree C.

Another advanced variant of it is the Fluorescent DNA Ladder.

  1. Non-radioactive EMSA Kit

It is safe for human touch. It is best used in order to study the interaction between protein and nucleic acid. It doesn’t make use of reagents like isotopes, biotin, and chemiluminescent substrates.


  • It lasts for 20 essays.
  • Should be stored at -20 degree C.