The magic of presents never ceases no matter what your age is. It is the effort of the giver and the message the gift conveys that counts, whether they give extravagant gifts like a brand new car or simple ones, such as a customised keychain in Singapore.

But did you know that gifts can be evil, too? Apart from bribes and grease money hiding behind the masquerade of a good faith present, receiving dead rats and wilted flowers at your front step as a gift, or rather a threat, is not fine at all.

Staying away from ill gifts, people mostly feel warm and overwhelmed when they receive a present. And most companies use presents to show their appreciation and to reward their employees.

Speaking of corporate presents, many businesses today opt for practical ones, like gift checks and vouchers. There is nothing awful about it but isn’t it more noteworthy for companies to opt for a unique present like customized gifts in Singapore?

Four Valid Reasons Why Choose Customized Gifts As Corporate Presents In Singapore

Admit it or not, many companies have put a little importance into choosing gifts for their staff. Understandably, they have more crucial and urgent matters to deal with, so they will not care less about whatever their department has chosen to give to their employees.

The typical choice would be that cheap buy-one take-one that is sold in bulk. But did you know that there are cheap yet unique customised gifts in Singapore, too?

Here are the reasons why you should opt for them:

It boosts your staff’s morale

There are many reasons why employees feel demotivated. It can be due to personal problems or work-related issues. It could also be because of the more social and general challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

In these trying times, the morale of the workers took a nosedive as the pandemic hit. The threat to job security, health worries, and even the temporary lack of personal interaction with friends and acquaintances have put a toll on the overall confidence of the workers.

An effective way to boost their plummeting morale is through presents. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, a customised keychain in Singapore that has a cheerful message on it will be the staff’s constant reminder of optimism.

You can give COVID-19 kits if you want practical yet customized gifts in Singapore. The kit may contain multivitamins, personalised hand sanitisers, and reusable face masks with name embroideries. This gift shows that you value your staff’s health, and at the same time, they will feel safe and prepared as they return to work.

It makes your staff feel valued

A way to win the loyalty of your employees is to make them feel valued, and their efforts are seen and appreciated.

Customised gifts are one way to express the company’s appreciation. You can give them customized T shirts, mugs, or tumblers in Singapore.

A plaque of recognition and certificates are more professional gifts. You can get the extra mile for the presents by giving them a bonus or a couple of days more annual leaves.

The magic of customised gifts is people see them as more sincere. The company has put more thought into it instead of being an obligatory gift and prize.

Encourages healthy and amicable relationship

Gifts are also a way to show that the management is looking forward to a more harmonious and healthy relationship.

Some people may perceive it as a way for the organisation to bribe its employees. To level out the playing field, the management can arrange exchange gift activities with the staff. This way, the employees will not feel debted or owe the managers a favour or something. It is simply a “give and receive” activity.

The organisers may put a budget cap on the gifts. People may not feel bad choosing cheap customised gifts in Singapore, then receiving an expensive one.

You can also put a twist on the activity by applying funny and quirky themes to the gifts. The participants may also make a wish list to minimise gift disappointment.

It encourages friendship without crossing the line of professional boundaries.

Promote brand awareness

Have you ever entered an office and found identical mugs, tumblers, and neck pillows with the company logo on employees’ tables?

Believe it or not, corporate gifts can also be a marketing strategy? Imagine giving away customized T shirts in Singapore with printed logos to the employees; they would wear them indoors or outdoors. The people who will see the logo will be aware or familiar with the brand or the company.

You can also give them a customised keychain with your logo in Singapore. Your employees can attach them to their car keys and bags. The more people see it, the more they become aware of the brand.

Now that you know the value of customized corporate gifts in Singapore, the next question is; what is the perfect present for your employees?


Customized Corporate Gifts Ideas In Singapore

Are you still clueless about what gift to give to your employees? Here are some ideas for you!

Water tumbler

Water is a day to day necessity. It means that your employees are more likely to carry water tumblers or bottles around. Giving them a personalised water tumbler with their names on it will surely be appreciated. Water tumblers are functional, and they are likely to lose them or be taken by somebody as they have their names printed or engraved on them.

Luggage tags

An alternative to the customised keychain in Singapore is the luggage tag. You can give them to employees who frequently travel. Like water tumblers, they are useful.

Tech organisers

In today’s digital age, tablets and smartphones are considered a necessity. A tech organiser allows employees to keep their electronics, such as tablets, phones, earphones, and charger cable, in one place.


If you want something your employees can use the entire year, give them a personalised planner journal.


Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but companies should pay more attention to each present when it comes to your hard-working employees. Customised gifts are the perfect ones to give!

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