In the workplace, you should spend the time to be a great employee, an expert in your line of work, and an amicable coworker. These are clear objectives that everyone is aiming for anyway.

However, one thing that you might not be keeping in mind at all times is whether or not you maintain proper hygiene in your workplace. Since it’s not something that a lot of people consciously think about, this means that they aren’t aware of the importance of keeping it in mind either.

On that note, here are five reasons why proper hygiene matters in the workplace:

1. For a Healthy Workplace

One of the most obvious reasons as to why you should practice proper hygiene while you’re in your workplace is because it ensures that you have a healthy work environment. A lot of people end up catching the sickness of a coworker, and it may be due to the fact that they aren’t hygienic enough.

A healthy workplace allows you to focus more and can ensure that you don’t incur absences often due to sickness.

2. For an Increase in Productivity

If you aren’t hygienic then you will feel uncomfortable and distracted from your work because it can feel bad working in an unhygienic environment.

Aside from that, it can be bad for your mental health if your desk is particularly dirty and doesn’t receive regular maintenance.

All of these factors have a say on your productivity, which is why you should keep up with your hygienic practices as much as possible.

3. To Enhance Workplace Personality

Maintaining a neat and tidy environment is a quality that you would want to keep because it helps enhance the image that people have of you.

At Maid Sailors – NYC Office Cleaning, we believe that nobody likes being in the presence of someone unkempt and dirty. Thus, if you establish yourself as someone who is neat and clean often, then it’s a great boost in reputation in the workplace.

Plus, being neat and tidy is a quality that will get you into the right mindset to be successful in life.

4. To Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

You should make sure that you are a clean person so that you don’t become a vehicle for the spread of bacteria and viruses inside the office.

Poor hygiene will not only affect your overall physical well-being, but it will also affect others. Having to be absent because of sickness is hard because eventually, you’ll have to try and catch-up with all the missed work that you have.

5. To Prevent Accidents

Proper hygiene isn’t only about being a clean person, but it also involves being an organized person in terms of items.

If you are a cluttered person, then it means you aren’t as hygienic as you could be. Plus, clutter can lead to accidents for people in the workplace which will not be good for you, nor the company.

So, to prevent these accidents, just make sure that you pick up after yourself and don’t leave clutter lying around.

How to Maintain Hygiene in the Workplace

1. Implement a Hygiene Policy

It’s better that you implement a rule about being hygienic in the workplace so that everyone will be stricter on themselves.

It’s harder to maintain something that isn’t enforced which is why you should create a policy around it. This way, you aren’t constantly berating staff about the need for them to be hygienic people.

2. Keep the Bathroom Clean

When going to the bathroom, make sure that you don’t get the sinks wet since this is often what a lot of people do. Remember that moisture breeds bacteria and germs. Also, when throwing away toilet paper, make sure that it gets in the trash bin instead of on the floor.

Don’t wait until someone else removes a full trash bin. Have the initiative to do it yourself. Inform the right people if some toiletries are running low as well.

3. Provide Clean Wipes, Sanitizer, and Tissues

It will be easier for everybody to be hygienic if you make it convenient for them to be hygienic. Therefore, you should make sure that you have supplies for clean wipes, sanitizers, and tissues around the office.

Make sure that you place them in obvious or key places so that people do use them.

4. Schedule Regular Cleaning

You won’t be able to clean the office as well as the professionals are able to do it, so why bother?

You can always hire professional office cleaners for effective and efficient cleaning and sanitation process. Not to mention that they can be in and out in a few hours.


It is important that you find out why it’s crucial for you to maintain proper hygiene in the workplace so that you are incentivized and motivated to do so.

In this article, not only did you find out why exactly proper hygiene matters at work, but it also teaches you different ways that will help you maintain good hygiene.

Don’t forget to start a habit of being a clean person so that you avoid the bad effects of being unkempt and untidy.