Irrespective of business size, a marketing plan is necessary for ensuring long-term success. Without one, businesses will not thrive. Chances are, it will remain stagnant and stall. 

While some lack understanding about how marketing strategies can help business growth, many are aware of its crucial importance. Perhaps it is one of the motives behind the increasing competitiveness of businesses. 

Sales promotion is an essential aspect of gaining profits and expanding the business by creating a significant influence on customers’ purchasing decisions. Many are getting creative and go as far as employing sophisticated technology to encourage customers to choose the products and services they offer.

However, it may be challenging to set a business apart from its competitors with many similarities in marketing strategies implemented for various products. 

Concerning today’s retail environment, profitability depends on merchandising and efficient buying while employing innovative ways to enhance the shopper experience. It is advisable to hop on the trend of new retail with the emerging electronic price tag market.

SOLUM offers electronic shelf labels with their all-new Newton system to improve business performance with its features capable of enhancing sales promotions.

Electronic shelf labels can effectively take a business to a new level replacing the traditional paper labels for shelves. 

Most retail companies still use paper tags in labeling their products, and moving into the new retail using sophisticated technology of electronic shelf labels can set a business apart from its competitors.

The perforated labels for shelf often result in costly errors due to several problematic factors such as missing tags and outdated product pricing. Furthermore, using shelf label holders can lead to more missing titles as it is easily detachable.

Price changes can vary weekly, and it is an arduous task to update the pricing of products. Electronic shelf labels can allow immediate price changes and promos on any number of available products. 

Retail businesses likely using electronic labels for shelf can provide better customer service than those without, and its various benefits can ensure long-term success. 

For more information on why Newton is your new key to sales promotion, read this infographic from SOLUM.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions