For centuries, books have been a source of entertainment and education, and they still are. However, in today’s hectic world, even lifelong book lovers often find that they have little time to read. Many buy traditional and e-books that they either start and never finish or don’t get a chance to read at all.

With these problems in mind, the founders of alKeyTAB offer customers a wide selection of unique e-books designed for fast, easy reading. Clients can find titles in dozens of categories and quickly download them. The online store includes current book information and allows customers to request titles they want but cannot find.

  1. Books Are Designed for Busy Lives

Recognizing that millions of people have little time to read books for entertainment or education, the staff of the unique company decided to offer shorter books that include the essential content but none of the fluff. The easy-to-read format allows readers to breeze through books.

Books also use simple, uncomplicated wording so anyone can enjoy them, even those with learning disabilities. Reading is also faster because the writing is designed to be easily digestible and get right to the point.

  1. There is a Vast Range of Choices

Another terrific feature of the online store is the number of choices. Whether customers are searching for entertaining novels or non-fiction titles, they can easily locate an array of quick reads to suit their needs.

The site is beneficial for those who want to increase knowledge in fields of interest such as IT, marketing, law, or general business. Concise books allow readers to learn and absorb information quickly. Common categories of interest to customers include:

  • Finance
  • Children’s Books
  • Mysteries
  • Drama
  • Learn to Earn
  1. Customers Save Time and E-Reader Space

Using the short-book format saves reader’s valuable time. Not only can they finish titles very quickly, but downloading them is fast and easy. They are much smaller files than traditional volumes, so they also save e-reader space.

That makes titles ideal for when readers have a little extra time and want to use it to learn something or just enjoy a good book. For example, shorter titles are perfect for plane trips, and concise kids’ books are ideal for distracting children on vacations.

  1. Clients Can Request Books

Another nice feature the company offers is the ability to request books. If customers are interested in a topic but can’t find it on the site, they can send a request and ask the company to publish content on the subject.

  1. Readers Get Book News and Tips

In addition to dozens of books, the site includes interesting blogs covering fiction and non-fiction topics. Customers may also sign up to receive book news and tips via email.

Reading for pleasure and education is as popular as ever, but many people lead such busy lives they continually buy books but never read them. One company has helped readers solve the problem by publishing short, concise books on a wide range of topics. Titles download quickly, take up little space on e-readers, and are fast reads. They are also written so that anyone can enjoy them, and clients can even request e-books on topics that interest them.