Workplace stressors such as work pressure and strict deadlines can cause employees to lose productivity. As it turns out, however, enhancing our working environment doesn’t have to be as time-consuming, expensive, or complicated as many of us imagine it will be. You may increase your productivity by following these six tips.

Ways to Improve your office environment

1. A splash of color

When it comes to our mood, something as simple as changing the prominent colors in the office can make all the difference. Because colors affect our emotions, they should be employed carefully throughout the area and following the mood, we’re aiming to achieve.

When incorporated in workspaces, green and blue tones will enhance productivity and sharpen attention. If you’re working on a project that requires a lot of physical exertion, yellow can be a fantastic choice, whereas neutral colors tend to be soothing and peaceful.

For those who can’t afford to paint their workplace walls, there are quite a several alternatives like:

  • Hanging art photos

The secret to hanging wall art is to utilize wall hooks that can easily be removed. Without nails or adhesive, they can be readily removed without leaving any traces.

Your art/photos should be hung in a way that makes the huge, barren walls look more intriguing.

  • Shelves

Choose a type of shelve that you can use for storage purposes but also as a decorative piece. More permanent wall shelves will be difficult to remove without having to refill/repaint the wall.

  • Fake Flowers

Masking tape can be used to attach imitation flowers to the wall to create a “3D Wallpaper” look.

2. Cozy up to your workplace

When it comes to improving your office environment, and lively workspaces that encourage productivity, comfort is everything.

Choose furniture that is strong and durable enough to withstand the daily wear-and-tear, but also comfortable and functional enough to lessen the risk of health problems that may arise as a result of using non-ergonomic office furnishings.

If you like, add photos of family members especially with your children and spouse for the married. A picture of your dog or cat could work as well, plus any other personal objects that make the task simpler will appear cozier.

There is no such thing as too little a change when it comes to building an engaging and encouraging work environment

3. Allow natural light into your workplace

After arriving at work, employees like to go into bright environments with plenty of natural light. They don’t want to enter dark, dreary rooms.

In-office spaces, natural light has several advantages. As a result, your staff will be healthier and more productive if you build workplaces that have enough natural light and a view of the outdoors.

Offices with natural light boost worker satisfaction and productivity, according to many studies.

An article published in the Sleep Health Journal of the National Sleep Foundation found those office workers who are exposed to high levels of natural light sleep better than those who aren’t exposed to any light at all. So, it’s important to get enough sunlight to help regulate the body’s normal circadian rhythm!

Other benefits of natural light in the workplace, including

  • Improved mood
  • Less drowsiness
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Fewer reports of headaches

4. Declutter your office and throw out all the papers

Inefficient workspaces are characterized by cluttered desks filled with heaps of documents, reports, and unnecessary office supplies.

Because of the time it takes to hunt for critical information and papers, cluttered workstations can be a productivity stumbling block not to mention, it can lead to an increase in anxiety or even an inability to concentrate and a huge waste of time.

As much as possible, maintain your desk by keeping it neat, de-cluttered, paper-free, and organized. There is no need to spend more time than 10 minutes a day to sort things out and organize all the documents.

5. Incorporate lively plants

Incorporating some green plants into your office would be another approach to improve it. Some plants at your workplace can make a huge difference. Additionally, they help clean the air by absorbing impurities, making them an excellent choice for office décor.

In addition to boosting productivity, plants have been shown to reduce stress levels and promote a sense of well-being among staff. Plants in pots should be low-maintenance and easy to grow. Some plants are very forgiving and don’t require a lot of attention to grow.

6. Keep the premises clean

Did you know that a toilet seat might be infested with more bacteria than a magazine or keyboard? Well, it’s true because this study confirms it.

Dirt is easily transmitted when there are many people around you, and becoming sick is always a hindrance to productivity.

For you to stay focused and keep a happy attitude while working, you need to take care of yourself. Make sure your work environment is clean to avoid becoming sick.

The conclusion of each workweek is a good time to clean your computer’s keyboard. The things that can get stuck between your keys are surprising… If you leave any crumbs behind, they may invite rodents among other pests.

Make sure you have a garbage can or a baggie in your “to-go” luggage to separate trash from important documents. The thought of throwing away important documents can be a source of anxiety for some people.


There are constant pressures at work and more tasks to be completed in a shorter amount of time; therefore, it’s important to be aware of your work environment, work routine, and mentality to avoid burning out. Your workplace should be a place where you feel comfortable working.

Just as illustrated in this article, your work environment can be improved to allow you to be happier and more connected to your work, while also increasing your productivity.

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