Everything you watch on television, on social media, and in cinemas is not easy to make. They undergo deliberate processes to ensure that the audience will get presented with quality projects and stories. An hour or two movie takes months to create, making it one of the challenging jobs you can enter. You also need to consider the planning and every process a TVC production house in Singapore needs to follow.


Knowing the steps a TVC production house follows can make you understand the job difficulty. Unlike what other people say, a project does not only take a camera and an actor. It undergoes many processes to give audiences quality work. Also, think of the amount the production will spend, especially on making the props and the set. The number of people who work on a project is one of the things you need to consider. So to help you understand production houses better, here are the steps they follow in creating a quality project:


If you will get video content creation services, one of the things you will see them do is establish a team. The group includes a director, assistant director, scriptwriter, editor, and more. They are the minds of the project, so the production house needs to be careful in choosing them. They will hire someone with experience, especially if the project is enormous.


Before creating your project, you must first know your audience. Your viewers will be the basis of the script you write and the actors you hire. Your audience is the one who will relate to your show or movie, so do not make them feel left out of the project that must be for them.


Once you know your audience, you can already think of a concept. It is easy to think of one if you are familiar with the people who will watch it. Relate yourself to them and consider what they would feel in the show. You can go for a light or dark theme, depending on the project you will create. If the viewers are not your forte, ask the help of someone who can relate to them. If the project is for kids, look for a parent or a kid who could give their insights into the project you want to do. It is also the same for corporate videography in Singapore.


After finalising your concept, the script comes next. Scriptwriting is when you write the lines of the characters you have in the film and make them feel relatable to your audience. The lines must impact the viewers, especially if it is a drama. Think of the scenes you will have in the film and imagine the dialogues the character is saying. Those are what you will have on the paper to make filming and editing in order.




Once you finish the script, you must read it thoroughly to know the actors you will hire. They will be the ones to give life to your characters, so ensure that you pick them carefully. Aside from hiring someone with a name, look for an actor who can act well. A TVC production house takes time to look for one to make the project successful. If you are also looking for an actor for your project, here is how you can find them:

  • Actor agents – artists, especially those already known in the film industry, have agents. And if you need one of their actors to work on your project, they are the ones you can contact.
  • Talent agency – if they heard about your project even before you can contact them, they will reach out to you for the role. They will present some artists from their agency that would fit the character. But aside from actors, they can also offer directors and scriptwriters. You can ask for their assistance if you still lack people in the production.
  • Casting sites – the internet has helped many individuals get jobs, and even actors use it. As someone in the production, you must be aware of those sites because you can find an actor there who is looking for a project.

If you do not know how to start looking for an actor, use these three tips. A TVC production house must have enough resources for their needs to make their project a success. They must know people from different industries to give them access to anything they need.


Once the production finalises the script and already hires actors, they can already start filming. Creating a sequence of scenes can help and make the job easy. But here, the production needs to think of the schedule of their actors. Some of them might have an ongoing project, affecting their availability. If one of the actors is not present, they can proceed to the scenes where the missing character is not needed.


Filming might take months, but it depends on the project. Once you have gathered your materials, you can already start editing them. A TVC production house must hire professional editors, considering the job is not easy. The director and scriptwriter must be in this process because they need to see that the editors follow the plan.

These actions might look simple to some, especially to the audience. But if you are in the situation, you will realise that every step a film undergoes is challenging. You will cry while having the shoot because of tiredness and hunger. You will also have sleepless nights because you have a deadline to follow. But once you see the outcome of the hard work, you can tell that everything is worth it. The next step is to ensure that people would know about the film.

Understanding these processes will make you realise that everything needs to undergo hard work. You can appreciate the film better, especially if you have waited for it for a long time. If you want to learn more about what a TVC production house in Singapore does, visit the website of Zeetrope.