Living in a condominium is both comfortable and handy. It offers a lot of perks for Singaporeans who prefer to be close to the city. However, fitting all of your belongings into a small home or apartment might be challenging, especially when it gets too crowded and when everything seems so out of order.

One challenge among condo users is the small space that you can only have. If you are a first-time owner, you might have to settle for a smaller property. Fortunately, the excellent news for condo owners is that this is something you can take advantage of nowadays!

The key is to organise and design your little condo at its interior design in Singapore to reflect your taste while also being practical with your choices. Condos are simpler to decorate and reorganise than single-detached homes, making them a better option for those who want to downsize.

If you feel like it’s time for a condo renovation in your Singapore property, then learn some tips to help you plan your condo interior design here. Creating a home in a small condo can be done with the help of an interior design company in Singapore.

Learn how you can maximise your small interior to make it look bigger here!

#1. Incorporate the power of mirrors

The thing about mirrors is that it gives a sense of depth to any area. A standard condo interior design in Singapore usually has wall mirrors to create the illusion of more space. They also serve to brighten the room by reflecting both artificial and natural light.

It can make a room look expanded or twice as large if you add a mirror beside your windows. You can also use angled plate mirrors on the glass tables or install mirrored cupboard closets.

It is possible to achieve the same effect as a mirror by using elevated materials, reflecting light and creating a more open and airy environment.

#2. Choose a multi-purpose furniture

With furniture innovations today, multi-purpose and convertible furniture as part of your condo renovation in Singapore can save you a lot of space. A piece of furniture that expands allows you to store items that can help you with your daily tasks.

Furnishings that can perform many roles save money because it doesn’t require buying two different products. A few examples include a console table, bed frames with built-in storage, stairs with built-in compartments, chests, and side tables. This way, you can have more space for your other condo interior design.

#3. Use the power of natural light and the same colour scheme

As previously stated, light-coloured surfaces can help to brighten up your space by the reflection of light. As a result, a neutral colour scheme of white or beige can be ideal as a condo interior design in Singapore.

White’s reflective capabilities make a room feel open, light, and airy, making it the perfect colour for a bedroom. Colours like brown, minty green, beige, and pearl white all can create an open feel.

Make sure your room has a consistent colour scheme. With monochromatic schemes, use three to four tones in the colour wheel. You may counteract the coldness of a light colour scheme by pairing it with warm components. The darker the colour, the more critical it is to keep it to a single wall and use contrasting items and illumination to counterbalance it.

Additionally to natural light, you may utilise a variety of ambient glow to create a specific ambience in a room. There are many ways to enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of space with track lighting and accent lighting. Make the room more eye-catching and inviting by putting this in place.

#4.Organise per area

You can reduce clutter through this tip, and the sense of large space is created by separating standard rooms and defining distinct zones in your home. Try to combine multiple rooms into a single space. You can connect each designated area like your living room as a dining room.

You can also have your kitchen as an independent segregated room or combined with other functional spaces through a kitchen renovation in Singapore. With this method, you can change rooms by including space-saving furniture options into your separate sections.

#5. Leave more open spaces

With your planning for your condo renovation in Singapore, think about tearing walls down to develop open areas, such as an open-concept kitchen. Before your kitchen renovation in Singapore, you can build glass doors or curtains to make it feel more spacious.

Do not go overboard when placing items, and make sure you still have an area to welcome your friends. Make sure your bulky furniture like tables, sofa or shelves are convertible. Avoid making your condo interior design in Singapore appear too messy and crowded.

#7. Keep your decors minimal

The decor is an accessory that helps you get the aesthetic you want in your home when you’re designing it. However, if you wish to make your condo interior design in Singapore look more prominent, make sure not to put excessive accessories. Having a lot of clutter might make a room appear smaller than it is.

Organise your items or those with sentimental values on one shelf. Your area will appear more spacious and structured if you keep things simple and tidy.


#8. Consult a professional

When it comes to condo renovation in Singapore, this strategy is best suited for individuals who are open to receiving input from others.

If you have a hard time on which one would suit you, it’s best to consult an interior design firm for ideas. It’s usually wise to discuss with a reliable condo interior design company in Singapore when you plan to develop your space.

Your style, personal choices, and demands can all be considered by an experienced interior designer when creating a design for your home. The great thing about them is that they incorporate your opinions for any adjustments to help you achieve your dream home.

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