Oversized loads are usually more difficult to move than normal measurements. We daily transport all types of goods across Canada, we aim to educate and train our customers for the challenges and the preparations. Oversize loads include equipment which most of the time needs to be transported by a special truck. The good news is that North America logistics will assist you in finding a big trucking company that provides outstanding services when you work with Amplify Logistics.

What is labeled as an Oversized Load?

The most basic concept of an oversize load is that it cannot be separated into smaller loads. 

It may also mean that the load is too high, big or long, so it cannot be transported in a general way. Trailer houses, construction machinery, and manufacturing products are examples of over-sized load freight.

What are the State Regulations?

Before moving excess loads, make sure it complies with the regulations set by the state and province. For example, the trucking company that carries over-sized loads can tell you whether the freight is over-sized. Although the cargo in one jurisdiction may be considered to be oversized, this cannot be done if it goes to a different state.

What about Travel Escort?

The availability of a travel escort is another essential requirement for over-dimensional loads. It is necessary to be accompanied by escort while carrying an excessive load for the driver, as it gives all the assistance that he needs while on the road. It will warn the driver of the overweight load if the road is being built and there is traffic congestion. For lorry firms, the difficulty is that an escort is an additional expense. The vehicle and the accommodation of the escort must be accounted for. The cost of transportation for over-dimensional loads is thus increased.

Are there any Strict Travel Timelines?

Oversize loads are allowed to move 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset in Canada. It requires a well-coordinated route because the allowed time of travel is shorter. In seasons such as winter, when days are shorter it can be even more complicated. You can overcome these limitations by hiring lorry companies because they have incredibly strong route planning.

Is there any speed limit?

Oversize loads have to be driven very slowly in comparison with normal road traffic. As a result, a driver takes a longer time to finish the route. Especially in bad weather, it can be more challenging. Oversized load drivers are expected to maintain a slow speed due to their special cargo.