In any kind of business social media is an important factor but if the accounts get hacked, it is very harmful to your business and it spoils the reputation of your business. If you are in pearl business security is very important in order to protect inventory and the staff.

In the jewelry business, the social media pages and location search platforms transfer the product related information to the public. In the online business, the details of various jewelry products like gold, diamond and pearl jewelry are provided to promote your business. However, if proper security is not maintained it can ruin your business.

The Jewelers Insurance Company is of the opinion that you can ask certain questions to make sure that your social media accounts are not hacked by the criminals online. When you post any kind of content online you can ask questions like:

  • Does information related to your business reveal that when your business is receiving new merchandise?
  • Do the promotions done for jewelry show to the robber’s after-hour operations of your pearl business?
  • Does the information which is given help in identifying members of the staff and also about the staffing levels at particular times and days?

How to Secure Social Media Account in Pearl Business?

  • Choose A Strong Password

Choose a password that includes numbers, symbols but it should not be complicated so that you are not able to remember it. The use of the same password for each account should be avoided.

  • Password Should Be Changed Frequently

Whenever an employee leaves your pearl business you need to change the password and this change should be communicated with your team. Avoid the communication through email as it may have an effect on the account safety.

  • Using Two Factor Authentications

When an employee login from a new device he is required to enter a PIN which is sent to account owner via email or SMS. This maintains the safety of your account.

  • Knowing About Who Has Access to Your Account?

It is very important that you should know about who has access to your account. It should be done on a regular basis and ensure that all duties are done properly.

  • Always Keep Your Information Offline

Whenever you finish a task on your computer always sign out from your account so that someone else is not able to access your account.


Thus, by taking appropriate measures, your social media account can be protected from misuse and unauthorized access on the internet. Your pearl business remains safe and secure.