An accessory dwelling unit is a secondary housing unit on a single-family lot. The term “accessory dwelling unit” is the more professional name, but they are also known as ADUs. These living units are legally part of the same property as the main house regardless of physical form. They don’t have to be stand-alone structures. They come in different varieties including attached, detached, add-ons, garage apartments, and basement apartments.

Depending on where you live, these living spaces can be a more affordable housing alternative to the more conventional options. Since the areas are smaller than a traditional home, the cost is significantly less which means it is perfect for low and moderate-income residents and young adults entering the workforce.

There are certain legalities for an ADU to be considered so it is a good idea to check with your state to see if your residential lot fits the bill. The main requirements are:

An ADU is legally part of the same property of the main home

The space cannot be bought or sold separately

The owner of the main home is also the owner of the ADU.

When deciding whether or not you would like to build one, you should consider your needs and look for building & construction companies that could help in building your specific ADU. Keep in mind that this is an investment and can bring future benefits to you and your property. Property owners may benefit from the extra income generated by renting out one of these spaces. Homeowners and renters can benefit from assistance, companionship, and the security of living in close proximity. Homeowners can also arrange with the tenant for childcare, light maintenance, or other services. These benefits could be significant for older adults, as they age in place.

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