We live in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed.

To have any real chance of success these days, especially starting a business now (in this landscape), it’s critically important to lean on the advice, wisdom, and experience shared by entrepreneurs that are already enjoying significant success.

Winners leave clues for others to follow, and that’s definitely the case with Elijah Norton of Veritas Global Protection.


Find Your “Why”

One of the most important things that Elijah Norton (Veritas Global Protection) shares with new entrepreneurs is the value in “finding your why” – getting crystal clear about why you want to build your business in the first place, but also why you want to better serve your clients and your customers than anyone else, too. 

Norton frequently tells those in the media and in the business community that he gets up every day – bright and early in the morning – to get up and make a difference in someone’s life.

Every day new challenges come down the pipeline, but those are just more opportunities to succeed and find new solutions!


Take Total Ownership

Norton has never been shy about taking total ownership over his business, his responsibilities as a leader and as a manager, and the vision that he has built for his organization.

According to Elijah Norton (Veritas Global Protection), the very best leaders understand when to be nice, when to be more of a “hard charger” with some tough love, and how to manage professional relationships that push and pull everyone in the same direction – keeping them motivated to succeed alongside the rest of the team.


Make Smarter Hires

If there’s one thing that Elijah Norton (Veritas Global Protection) wants to get right more than anything else, it’s hiring the right people for open positions the first time around, even if that means the hiring process takes a little bit more time than what might be common in the industry.

Norton recommends to all new entrepreneurs that day are very serious, very deliberate, and very intentional during the interview and hiring process.

Each new member of the team needs to fit right in straight from day one, not only bringing the right skills to the table to help improve overall operations but also to fit right in with the culture, the mission, and the overarching goals, too.

Hire slowly and fire quickly, making sure that the team is always as well supported as possible.


Don’t Be Afraid to X-Ray the Competition

Another little bit of “inside information” that Elijah Norton (Veritas Global Protection) likes to share with entrepreneurs is that there’s real value in looking out at the competition – successful competition, anyway – to find what they do best and sort of x-ray how they do it.

This allows you to reverse engineer the biggest competitive advantages of other businesses in the industry, take total ownership of them for your operation whenever possible, as well as find and exploit gaps in their offer or service to build an even better and more successful company at the same time.