A process by which a mobile app which is developed for mobile devices which includes personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones is called as mobile app development. These apps can be pre-installed over the phones and also during the manufacturing process. It can also be delivered as a web application using client-based or server-based processing within a web browser which gives an application like experience.

Software developers of an application must rethink a long array of configurations, specifications of hardware, screen sizes, etc. as there is a huge competition in the mobile software and changes in each and every platform. Mobile app development has been growing increasingly and also creating many job opportunities. 

Requirements for Mobile App Development – 

The most important requirement is the hard skills and one of the most basic building blocks of android development is the programming language Java. Then SQL is also required. Apart from that android software development kit (SDK) and android studio, XML, etc. are required for mobile app development

Importance of Mobile App Development – 

It increases the accessibility and allows users to have a simple and easy functional access to various information, processes, services and products that are needed by the users. 

Programming Language Used for Mobile App Development – 

The most used app development in Java. Java is followed by ruby. And it is one of the most searched languages on Google globally by people. So, it is one of the most important languages. 

Uses of Mobile App Development 

It is a bundle of process and procedures which are included in writing software for wireless and small computing devices such as tablets or smartphones. It has its in-depth branches in the area of traditional software development. Mobile user interface design is also important in the creation of mobile app development as part of the production process. It has many features and uses.