Most people are familiar with surveillance cameras. You can see them inside and outside of establishments, on the streets, and even in residential homes.

CCTV companies in Singapore market these cameras as security solutions. It is an effective and cost-effective crime deterrent, at the same time, helpful in solving crimes and sometimes providing concrete evidence in court.

But did you know that CCTV installation in Singapore has other functions besides catching criminals red-handed? This article will shed light on other uses of surveillance cameras that you didn’t know existed.

A Brief History of CCTV Cameras

Before your CCTV supplier in Singapore sold surveillance cameras to the public as a tool of security solutions, did you know that the inventor of the CCTV camera created this device for war? And it is not to deter criminals but to observe rocket launches.

Walter Bruch, a German electrical engineer, invented the closed-circuit television (CCTV) for the sole purpose of observing V2 rocket launches of Siemens AG in Germany during World War II in 1942.

Instead of exposing themselves outside near the rockets, they watched and observed the rocket launches inside the bunkers through the CCTV system. It was a much safer way of observation.

During the same period, the US also used CCTV cameras to monitor and observe nuclear weapon testing from the comforts and safety of the labs.

From its origins, it is noticeable that the first purpose of CCTV was not entirely for the security of the public. It is very far from what CCTV companies in Singapore market surveillance cameras today.

It was only a decade later when people found the function of CCTV cameras for public safety. It was the British Police who firstly used CCTV cameras as part of security measures. They used two CCTV cameras when the Thai royal family visited the UK in 1960.

The following year, the UK reinforced public safety by installing CCTV cameras in the London train station.

In 1968, Olean, New York, was the first-ever city in the world to install CCTV cameras along the main business street to deter and fight criminals and enhance public safety.

Eventually, technology advancements, like videocassette recorder in the 1970s and multiplexing and digital video recorder in the 1990s, opened a leeway to what surveillance cameras are today.

For the same reason, the use of CCTV cameras today has evolved as well. With modern technology, aCCTV promotion package in Singaporeis not merely for security alone. The next part will discuss the other uses of CCTV cameras today.


AlternativeUses of CCTV Cameras Today

Wildlife Monitoring

Many parks, wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves use surveillance cameras to help park managers and rangers monitor and secure the area. Even local and smaller parks can have a CCTV installation in Singapore.

Firstly, these surveillance cameras monitor the boundaries of the nature reserves in case of intruders, trespassers, and hunters.

Secondly, park managers install surveillance cameras along the reserve’s trail to monitor tourists. The footage from these cameras is essential in finding lost tourists.

Thirdly, surveillance cameras are essential in monitoring the state of the reserve during disasters, including bush and wildfires. Through the CCTV footage, park rangers determine the trail and spread of the fire in the forest. This information is essential for a quick response.

Lastly, surveillance cameras help the experts and researchers to collect data concerning wildlife populations, animal behaviours, and so on without stressing the animals with their presence.

Apart from monitoring your pets at home while you’re away, a CCTV promotion package in Singapore is also vital in observing animals in the wild!

Marine monitoring

Surveillance cameras are not for structures, like houses and commercial establishments, alone. There areCCTV companies in Singapore that offer surveillance cameras for marine vessels.

For smaller vessels, like inflatable and dinghy boats,CCTV installation in Singapore helps navigate murky swamp waters during the night. Because of the infrared night vision cameras, seafarers can monitor obstacles surrounding the vessels in low light and bad weather.

For larger marine vessels like ships and ferries, CCTV cameras can help during pirate attacks. Seafarers can monitor if pirates have been able to hop on board. The monitoring can be done while inside the citadel or the crew’s hiding place.

Some companies have a CCTV installation in Singapore that allows people on land and ports to monitor the status of ships offshore. They can notify the coast guards and ask for a rescue operation.

Traffic Monitoring

One of the most popular uses of CCTV today is traffic monitoring.

Traffic authorities partner up with a CCTV supplier in Singapore for traffic surveillance cameras installation.

Perhaps, you have seen on the news real-time footage of the main road. These cameras help traffic authorities to monitor the traffic volume on many roads and highways. They can effortlessly locate accidents and send a quick response team and traffic management officers to the scene.

On top of that, a CCTV installation in Singaporeroads can be a great help in police pursuits. At the same time, the cameras help traffic officers to monitor the road for violators and maintain traffic measures.

CCTV and Biometrics System

Many CCTV and security solutions companies in Singaporelevel up the functions and capabilities of their surveillance cameras by adding more advanced features.

Offices today opt for CCTV installation in Singaporeequipped with a deep face recognition system.

This system automates attendance taking by enrolling each person’s biometrics into the system. Unidentified people pretending to be students or employees cannot enter the building’s premises effortlessly.

On top of that, it is more complex for students and staff to falsify their attendance records. It also prevents staff and students from handing their passes to strangers to gain entrance.

These automated and accurate records can help settle disputes and claims concerning attendance in the future.


The functions of a CCTV camera have indeed evolved, from observing rocket launch activities to monitoring nature reserves, down to automating attendance systems. It benefits us in many ways besides enhancing our security, and it does not stop there. Sooner or later, we are about to see a new and improved CCTV promotion package in Singapore.


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