With more opportunities than ever, many wonder about the importance of higher education in the world today. While some people have felt that higher education might not make the same type of difference as before, there are a lot of reasons why making that extra effort can give a person a step ahead of the competition.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson is just one person in favor of higher education. After serving in the US Army and chasing his passion as a musician, he made a career change by going back to school. After obtaining a bachelor’s in English, he then graduated from the Loyola University School of Law. 

Not everyone is destined to be a lawyer, but there are still plenty of reasons to pursue higher education.

Future proof

Higher education not only sets a person up for a great first opportunity, but it provides a safety net that never goes away. Having a degree can allow people to have quite a few options in case they ever need it.

Greater Freedom

There is a certain level of freedom people can have once they have completed some form of higher education. The thought is that if a person has a specific focus, they have to stay within a field of study. The truth is, many people end up taking a job that is not related to their degree, but the degree gives them a level of freedom that they might not realize at first.

There are enough general study classes that people take that higher education can translate well in the end. Certain specializations might require a specific course load, but other opportunities are out there that mainly need some sort of bachelor’s degree, as an example.

Find a passion

Many people believe that when they go off to college and start to take different classes, they start to discover what they are truly into. The more education a person has, the more opportunities they encounter that might unlock passions that people might not realize they genuinely have.

It is perfectly fine to change passions and want to go in a different direction academically. Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson was not entirely sure what he wanted to do before ultimately finding his calling by going to law school and becoming an attorney. Early classes allowed him to figure out what he liked and disliked, and it pointed him in a better direction.

Developing a strong work ethic

Employers will say that one of the biggest selling points of a degree is that it shows that someone can finish what they started. It might seem pretty basic, but it is a selling factor that many people love seeing. Those who could start a program and finish it have a strong work ethic that can translate well over to the workforce.

On the other side, finding out that somebody started school and then stopped can be a red flag. While certain scenarios could justify this, there are some employers who will look at it as someone not willing to put in the work when the going gets tough.

Stressing higher education

People can find success without higher education, but it remains one of the safest bets one can take on themselves. Many people find out a lot when they go off to school, and that can unlock a new future no one thought was possible.