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Hiring the right employees is important for every business but is especially critical for small businesses. In a tight organization, one employee can have a huge impact on everything, including your brand and your reputation. While there’s no way to absolutely guarantee the quality of any hire, background checks go a long way to minimizing many of the risks that come with onboarding new individuals. When you make pre-employment background checks part of your hiring process, you get the following benefits:

  • Quality hires. When you run a background check on new hires, you can be certain the individuals are who they say they are and have the education, experience, and credentials requisite for the position.
  • Enhanced safety. Workplace violence is a real concern; criminal background screenings help you avoid introducing potentially dangerous folks to your workplace. Drug screenings also contribute to a safer workplace with fewer accidents 
  • Lower turnover. New hires who are genuinely qualified for the position stay longer and help contribute to a robust, strong work environment. 

A Good Background Screening Partner

All that said, as a small business, since resources are limited, you might be tempted to forego background checks or to try to manage them on your own. Partnering with a professional to provide small business background checks is the wisest option for the following reasons:

  • Cost. Yes, you have to pay a fee for background checks, but you’ll have to pay fees even if you do the searches yourself. DMV reports and other online searches cost money and cost you valuable time. It’s a far better use of resources to hire a professional. Choose a screening agency that allows you to pay as you go and customize searches to suit your needs so you aren’t paying for a Cadillac when all you need is a KIA. 
  • Reliability. Background checks are tricky. Getting the right information from the right sources and then knowing when to dig deeper takes skill and experience. 
  • Timeliness. You can’t afford to lose great talent because of a slow background check process. Having a professional background screening partner on your side gives you access to on-demand checks and reduces your time to hire significantly. 
  • Compliance. The regulations surrounding the collection, use, and storage of personal information are complicated. Possibly the most important service a professional background check company provides is regulatory compliance.

Modern Solutions for Your Small Business

Is hiring good people in 2021 your company’s biggest challenge? A professional background screening partner can help you onboard the talent you need quickly.