Introduction to Finance in Africa

The global financial sector is constantly changing, and Africa has taken a step closer to joining the global market.

The financial sector of the African market is slowly growing. This is because of both local and international investors’ interest in investing in Africa. The growth has also been driven by new technologies that have made it easier for international investors to invest in Africa.

There are various ways that Africans can invest in the financial sector including through banks, insurance companies, stocks, bonds, etc.

Investing through investment funds is often preferred by individuals who are new to the level of risk associated with investments.

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What are the Top Financial Opportunities in Africa?

The African continent has an abundant number of untapped opportunities for financial growth. Africa is rich in natural resources and the population is young and growing rapidly. It is not surprising that Africa also has a large number of emerging companies with great potential in the global market.

A recent study by African Development Bank showed that there are over 1,000 startups operating in the continent, mostly concentrated in East Africa. A majority of these startups are concentrated in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa.

The current rate of economic growth for Sub-Saharan countries is around 6% while it is estimated to hit 8% by 2020. The average annual income per capita stands at US$2,000 but this could go up to US$10,000 by 2030 if investments can be made on infrastructure development.

How to Find the Right Job for You?

There are a lot of online job portals that want you to complete a questionnaire and then match you with the right job. There are also a few other methods for finding the right job, such as going through classified ads or going to networking events.

To find out which method suits you best, it is important to first ask yourself what your goals are for your career. Are you looking for a long-term career or just something temporary? Then, select the appropriate method from those listed above.

In conclusion, if you want to find the right job quickly, try an online method like Ready2Work or If you’re looking for a long-term career and want to do it on your own terms, then try attending networking events or going through classified ads.

Top Finance Jobs in Africa

The financial sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Africa. With the increasing number of jobs, people are competing for these jobs and can apply online.

The World Bank estimates that finance and insurance jobs will increase by 55% by the end of 2019. This strengthens the need for good quality jobseekers to get these opportunities. The problem is there are not enough qualified candidates to fill these roles, which is why it’s important to train and educate people so they can get better quality opportunities in finance and banking sectors.