You have worked hard to build your ad campaign, make action-prompt landing pages, and be successful in sales. Your ads went live, but there is one big issue: People are clicking on your ads repeatedly with no intention of purchasing anything.

It sounds surprising, but click fraud is just something advertisers are aware of because they lose almost $5.8 billion a year worldwide, and it will create a difference in the hit of your ads. That’s why adwords fraud prevention is essential for every advertiser.

What Is Click Fraud?

When you execute a PPC ad on any platform, you spend whenever someone clicks on your ad. If you are accomplishing your job skillfully, you expect a fair number of clicks to transform into a sale or whatever your plan is.

For mobile ads, the average modification rate is 3.48 percent, and you may likely make at least three sales for every ten clicks you obtain. What occurs if people click on your ad without purchasing or encountering your site?

This is comprehended as click fraud and a big problem for advertisers.

If people fraudulently click on your ads, it means you pay for those clicks that are not genuine. This will increase your daily ad spend, and you never gain your target audience by your message.

5 Steps to Prevent Click Fraud

Click fraud is complex to catch, but you can take some steps to help prevent click fraud. Here, you will learn five measures to prevent click fraud’s impact on your PPC ads.

  1. Set Up IP Exclusions
  • If you’ve noticed that specific IP addresses click your ads randomly, you can block them.
  • Your ads will not be shown to those IP addresses you have recognized as fraudulent.
  1. Think About How You Display Ads
  •  You will control how your exhibit ads are displayed; one possibility is to concentrate on retargeting.
  • If you run retargeting ads, those ads are only visual to people visiting your website.
  • The publisher would not be able to visit your ads on their site and not keep clicking on them.
  1. Focus on Ad Targeting
  • The more selection your ads mean, the more successful they are likely to be, making them slightly easy to click fraud.
  • Many of the click farms concentrate in precise locations. If You like to get your ads in public and take action, you must target your ads regarding your audience.
  1. Focus on Social Media Ads
  • Ads in social media are considerably less keyword-depend than paid ads; this makes it challenging for someone to type keywords and visit your ad.
  •  You can probably target the people you reach with different social media platforms.
  • This decreases the possibility of click fraud, and you get a more profitable return on your paid ads.
  1. Use Click Fraud Protection Software
  • Different click fraud protection providers monitor your ads using algorithms to catch fraud and quarantine fraudulent clicks.
  • These providers will charge around $50 per month for the basic package and help you to save money.


You are setting a ton of action into designing a high-converting landing page and writing a great ad, so it is the right time to start saving your investment with adwords fraud prevention.