Washington, DC, may not be the oldest city in the US, but the capital has a rich, storied history. Incidentally, that is reflected in the architecture and the neighborhoods in the area.

Take Logan Circle, for instance. The Grace Reformed Church, Vermont Avenue or the Ulysses Grant House—any noteworthy places you can think of and the chances are that Logan Circle has something to offer along the same lines.

Now, it goes without saying that the shots you take need to be displayed appropriately. Well, you could look into services that provide picture framing in Logan Circle, DC.

Of course, it’s also essential to know which frame works best for a shot. So, here are some of the top picks to help you decide:

  1. Gallery frames

Most museum or photography installations rely on gallery frames to create the elevated in-frame effect you are accustomed to seeing. Besides, the hardwood edges lend a touch of that timeless mid-century aesthetic that most people find appealing.

The best way to use such frames is to save them for your most cherished prints. So, pick the ones you are incredibly proud of to start curating your museum-esque collection.

One tip here is to pick a display spot that is relatively minimal and then contrast it with different frame sizes and hardwood shades. Think along the lines of walnut or cherry color schemes against plain, white walls.

  1. Floating Frames

Do you have something that holds immense sentimental value for you? It doesn’t have to be a photograph you took. Instead, it could be a family painting that has been passed down for generations.

If that’s the case, consider approaching a vendor who provides picture framing in Logan Circle, DC, to refit it in a floating frame. Using acrylic or clear glass, these frames can give any print the attention it deserves.

Such fixtures will often come with brass or gilded edges that provide a sharping contrasting accent to the display surface. It’d also help if you chose an appropriate size, preferably somewhere close to 30×40’’ or 40×40’’.

  1. Deep-set frames

Considering the architecture of some of the oldest buildings in the surrounding Logan Circle neighborhoods, deep-set frames will be your go-to choice for any pictures you take.

These fittings use a thick mat to create an underlying shadow between the frame and the image. That adds a certain dimension to the subject profile that is almost impossible to replicate with other styles.

One tip is to place such displays next to a tall shelf or a mantle. The idea is to create the same depth in the peripheral background as in the frame.

Regardless, you must know that the deep-set style works primarily for landscapes, single buildings, travel photos and paintings.

  1. Tabletop frames

Tabletop frames are one of the simplest ways to showcase any particular photograph you cherish. Fortunately, these fixtures have also come a long way from being the plain-looking metal stands they used to be.

Nonetheless, it’s best to pick one with a minimal design to not take away anything from the image. After all, the prints used in this specific frame will be considerably smaller than any other display you have in the house.

In addition, try to place only a few of these in the same place. For instance, a single tabletop will do if it’s just one mantle or shelf that you are looking to fill.

Getting the right look

While the mentioned frames work well in almost all cases, some are better suited for specific scenarios. For instance, a tabletop or a floating fixture will be perfect for showcasing any prints you want in your bedroom.

Concurrently, gallery and deep-set frames work well in the more common parts of the house, such as the hall or the living room.

Now, there are no hard-set rules to anything. But you would want your prints to look the best they could, wouldn’t you?