The autumn/winter season has arrived, and the boots promise to continue to star in fashionistas’ looks during the seasons. In line with the fashion movement, Piccadilly also continues to bet on the model, bringing revamped versions, following the main trends, and catering to the most different types of women.

To help fashion lovers change the mood of their wardrobe, here are separated special tips that further guarantee the elegance and sophistication that cold days ask for and that, in addition, praise all types of women. According to the specialist, boots such as orvis waders for example are for everyone; know how to adapt them according to each biotype and style to harmonize the compositions.

Boots And Female Body Type

The first step in choosing the right boot is to analyze the physical type of women, whether they are taller, shorter, with thin or thick legs, as it is necessary to evaluate the look composition proportionally. “For taller women, ankle boots or over-the-knee boots with lower heels are great options, as the lengths follow the same proportions as their heights, which brings balance to the look.

It is possible to bet without fear on boots with short pipes and high heels for shorter women. “In the case of the shorter ones, in order not to visually ‘shorten’ the look, bet on ankle boots and prefer neutral models, without too many details such as ties and prints.”

Another point of attention about the female biotype is whether the woman has thin legs or thick legs. “It is important to emphasize that feeling good is the basis for the success of any fashion production, and when we talk about boots, we have to consider the models that best suit our body.”

Following the expert’s tip, women with thinner legs can bring the ideal proportion to the look by opting for block heel boots with wider pipes. “Long boots, slouch boots or boots that follow the western style fit perfectly for this body type, as they are wider and distribute the look weight.”

Short boots are recommended for women with thicker legs or those made of thicker materials, such as the mount model. “In this case, to elongate the silhouette, high heels are welcome.

Boots And Style

About style tricks, the consultant separated tips to include different types of boots in fashion productions. “The boots certainly bring an extra charm to any composition and allow the most different combinations, from the most neutral to the most daring.”

For boots with a short pipe, Karen indicates combinations with long clothes. “Long dresses with dark fabric print and backgrounds used in summer can and should also be used in autumn/winter. To wear, bet on belts that mark the waist and add a leather jacket; you can’t go wrong. The composition is amazing and super stylish”.