UAE is one of the finest places to start any business compared to other countries. While free zones offer excellent prospects for any business setup in Dubai, the strategic location of the country is an important factor too. Business activities are feasible because of tax exemptions, incredible infrastructure, and lower import duties. It takes one week to 8 days, a few procedures, and approval to start your business venture. 

Reasons for Business Setup in Dubai

Strategic Location

Location is an important factor for business development. The UAE provides an incredible combination of residential areas, logistics facilities, transport links, and basic services. Dubai also offers easy access to other economies. Good transportation between various regions, typically the Middle East, Europe, and Africa is seamless. 

The UAE is strategically located between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Chinese economic establishments also use the same route to trade in Africa. India traders can access the Emirates for international trade, while Latin America considers the UAE as the launchpad for all South Asian states. 

Assortment of Businesses Infrastructure

The infrastructure in Dubai is excellent. The city respects business startups and offers to help at every step. It fascinates investors worldwide. Entrepreneurs can start a continental, free zone, or offshore business. Moreover, company formation has no limits. 

Political and Social Stability

The UAE maintains both political and social stability. This is excellent to promote startup businesses, their development, and stability in the long run. The UAE is a 7 emirates federation, each having a ruler. As a result, it is a potential country with stability and strong governance. Domestic politics promotes openness and tolerance, which creates social peace. 

The Convenience of Doing Business

Globally, the UAE holds 11th rank in the convenience of conducting business for entrepreneurs. In 2019, according to the World Report, the UAE ranked #1 for providing brilliant business opportunities. Besides, the country also ranks #1 in electricity access, #2 in tax payments, and many more. Overall, Dubai provides an excellent environment to conduct business, big and small.

Secured Intellectual Property Rights

The UAE maintains trademark protection, piracy laws, and intellectual property rights. Since its inception, Dubai and the UAE have become more adaptable to universal laws. Business entrepreneurs should have international recognition from the corporate law, standing beside both developed and developing countries is a success. 

The UAE was quick enough to realize that it was essential to accommodate universal laws. Moreover, the case of the company should be approved as well. Thus, the city made consistent efforts for the successful consolidation and centralization of the country’s legal system. 

Exclusive Programs

Currently, there are 50 bilateral treaties of investment in the UAE with over 75 tax treaties. With strategic partners and business units worldwide for entrepreneurs, many multilateral, as well as bilateral agreements for startups, are expected in the future. 

The UAE is emerging as the flag bearer of noteworthy intellectual property rights. The adoption, as well as implementation of the rights, is an important part of the conventions and contracts. 

The Department of Commerce of the UAE also has an efficient and fast office handling trademarks and patents. The PTO (Patent and Trademark Office) is one central unit. It deals with designs, domain names, trademarks, patents, and copyrights. 


For stability and ease of business, the UAE is one of the most promising destinations in the world today.