There may be different types of marketing companies available to Hong Kong small businesses locally. They are regarded as different because their focuses are different to one another. For example, a Hong Kong SEO company focuses on the search engine optimization work and/or projects of the business websites and/or ecommerce websites of their clients.

The main role of the SEO agency is different to the main roles of most other types of marketing agencies including internet marketing consultancy, direct marketing agency, telemarketing center, public relation and marketing communication company, and more. The complication may extend further when you categorize them into specific specialization including customer demographics, industries, business sizes, etc.

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One aspect where the agency may do well for the Hong Kong small business it provides services to is to set the key performance indicators (KPI), and have them regularly tracked and reported, before eventually achieving such targets. The first question is to ask what main key performance indicators your client’s business should focus on. The next question is to decide the tools for measuring the KPIs and all other metrics before the KPIs but are important factors that would contribute to the end goals.

The frequency of the reports are also important. For online advertising campaigns that the HK client is spending a relatively large amount of marketing budget every day, it makes sense to at least keep track of the amount of money spent per day. For a SEO project that usually take longer to see results, a weekly or b-weekly report setup would be more than sufficient to understand the progress and performance.

When the project first started, the overall plan is more important. It is the direction of whatever the SEO agency will have to do to take the client to reach the end goal. A pure SEO plan may not be enough. A better plan is to include the content marketing plan with all the necessary execution plans and roles who are required for all the execution.

The final plan will include the integrated marketing part in the overall plan. The reason behind this is that SEO should not be considered alone now. An example is that the content marketing part has a lot to do with SEO, but the created content once the project is in progress will be used (or repurposed) in many different ways across many different web traffic channels. This is implemented to ensure the client’s business website get the maximum results out of the digital world.

Therefore before a SEO company can do well with its client’s SEO work, it is down to a lot of collaboration and communication be handled correctly and efficiently for the client’s local business site.