You might have figured out your business plan and tactics, but there’s a crucial thing that you are too concerned about – a new business name for your new business.

The right business name is that which attracts organic traffic to your online store and boosts your online reach and sale. Your business name is a one-word advertisement for your business. Here’s a quick guide on selecting the perfect business name.

Rules for picking a business name

Name with a lasting impression

Your name should be unique to other names of the same niche in the market. Your name should make you sound like you have thought something out of the box and are creatively efficient. You need to select a name that never runs out of being trendy and stays fresh forever.

Avoid complex spellings

When you choose a spelling for a name that’s hard to guess or remember, you lead your business into the uncertainty of misguided traffic. A complex spelling gives your audience a hard time while searching for you online and recommending you to other people. A mismatched letter while typing the name of your company can lead your clients to a completely different website, leaving them agitated and confused.

Easily pronounceable

Apart from choosing an easy spelling, you should look for a name that is easy to pronounce. Your name should not be a tongue-twister for your audience. You should go for a simpler name that your audience can easily pronounce in a conversation – necessary for verbal advertising.

Short names do the trick

Going with shorter names is also a safe choice to make. Short names are precisely meaningful, easy to remember, easy to write, and easy to understand. A short name conveys the company’s message with much more reliance than a long name does. An added bonus to your short name is its ability to change into a verb for online influencers for promoting your business.

Have some sense

Time after time, we come across business names that are completely rubbish and make no sense at all. Almost all the names are indeed trademarked and an urge to coin a new term for your marketing should not be suppressed, but you cannot just take a word and make it your company’s title. Know how to choose a business name.

Choose a name that’s a one-word description of your company’s portfolio.

Choose an available name, literally.

While we have discussed almost all the important qualities of a name, here’s the most important one. You should choose a name that has not been trademarked in the history of the business. You can see the availability of the potential name on the official portal of the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office.

Go for .com

A domain name is an integral part of your online business name. That is why you should choose the most popular domain name in the history of online trading – .com. When you go for the .com domain name, you double the number of clients visiting your website daily. For most common people, .com domain names are easy to guess and are the domain name for every online site.

Run sample test

Once you have decided on your new company’s name, it’s time for seeing some real-time responses to it. You can tell your potential clients about your company, mentioning the new name, and observe their thoughts and reflexes about the company name. Also, you can ask your associates and family or friends about their views on the new name.

Mistakes to avoid in selecting your business name

While you have multiple business name ideas in your head at the time of naming your business and giving it an identity, you are likely prone to committing some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while naming your business.

  • Mixing adjectives with nouns.

Almost all of the modern-day entrepreneurs go for this combination when they couldn’t find anything relatable. But it’s not a good combination. They choose names that sound unusual and too millennial, for example – QualiCheck (that’s not an actual name). It’s like mixing two things together and creating a horrible third thing.

  • Being too simple.

Yes, most people do this all the time. They choose names that are too plain and simple that it causes their company it’s identity. You should select a name that distinguishes you from other companies in the market. Take the road less traveled, and see the world unfold before you.

  • Limiting yourself with a physical location

We get it that you have a soft corner for your motherland, but your global audience doesn’t need to have it too. You should not select a name that bounds you to a single physical location and drives away all global clients.

  • Being obscure

It’s necessary to stand out of the crowd and be recognizable, but it’s a blunder if you become alien to your audience. Choosing a name that’s both unique and too much out of the context is a big mistake, and you should avoid it.

  • Being rigid

This is the last mistake you will make because after that you won’t have a business so big to change things around. Once you have selected a name, and now you know that it’s not worthy enough, you should be open to changing it. You should not be rigid about rebranding and take it positively.