People’s lives evolve, and their wants and needs change over time, which means remodelling a house is part of this cycle. Your house is a place that should make you feel comfortable and at home. 

It means you should incorporate yourself and invest in it as much as possible. If you are thinking about the right time to renovate your home interior design in Singapore, the signs might be there, but you haven’t noticed them.

As time passes, there are indications throughout the building that a renovation is on the horizon, whether it’s a house, a condo, or an HDB flat.

Keep an eye out for these indicators and guidelines. You’ll be able to anticipate when it’s time to renovate your home without having to worry about going over budget or risking structural failure. Here’s a guide to help you on your condo renovation journey in Singapore.

Signs Your Condo Needs Renovation

When you have an excessive or a lack of space available

It may depend on your home interior design in Singapore. If you like to be minimalist, then maybe you prefer to have a few empty spots in your home to make it appear spacious, especially for condo and HDB owners.

However, if you encounter days or moments where you feel your house is empty and seems to be lacking something, then maybe it’s time for a condo renovation in Singapore.

On the other hand, if you feel your space is too overcrowded with unnecessary items that you think you can remove, that’s also a sign you need a new condo interior design in Singapore.

You have outgrown your paint colour.

While the paint on the exterior of a building can fade with time, it can remain the same colour on the interior for years. However, the concrete in certain areas begins to crack due to repeated temperature changes, resulting in a colour fade.

If you have been seeing the same colour for years and noticing the urge to change it, a condo renovation in Singapore is the answer. You can transform your old dull paint into something brighter or lighter.

Consider looking for condo or HDB renovation ideas from a tried and trusted interior design firm for inspiration on how you can do it properly.

Your interior is outdated.

Your condo may look acceptable to you, but some designs may look like a reflection of the past. Even if you describe some things as vintages, such as golden bathroom faucets and mirror frames in your home, some things are also called ancient.

Suppose you want to keep your sentimental items with you before planning your condo renovation. In that case, you may also request a combination of vintage and modern interior design in Singapore from your interior design firm.

You have areas you wish to maximise

Some condos or HDB flats only have minimal space for a kitchen and dinner table. If you encounter not turning your entire body while cooking or washing dishes, you may need a kitchen renovation in Singapore.

What’s great about hiring an interior design firm is that they can help you find ways to maximise your small, medium or large space by making use of every part of it. You can rely on their expertise to help you plan which condo interior design in Singapore suits your space.

If you realise that you need a condo renovation, you don’t want to immediately leap in and start doing so because what you need is the right strategy.


What To Do Before Condo Renovation

Now that you have finally decided to remodel your condo interior design in Singapore, additional costs and obligations come with it. Here are some considerations and checklists you must accomplish.

Ask about the rules and regulations.

Everyone who owns a condominium should be aware of the house rules. When it comes to aesthetic considerations, your management may or may not have a set of guidelines; but, it will almost probably have standards dictating when and how you can conduct a condo renovation.

Since you are living within a building with other homeowners beside you, you have to make sure you have the proper permissions to do it. If you want to keep your neighbourhood pleased, you should support policies like this.

A lack of attention to these logistical considerations can result in severe hassles when arranging delivery or suppliers.

Know the dos and don’ts

Understanding your condo renovation in Singapore restrictions is essential before eyeing a vision that will never actually happen, even if it seems possible at first glance.

Structural constraints may necessitate oddly angled walls or intrusive columns in tight condo rooms. As soon as possible, you should call your interior design firm to help you determine whether walls and other features can be demolished or opened.

Adjust your time and expect delays

In cases where a homeowner’s association must approve an application for condo renovation, you may expect a few delays.  You’ll have to go through the process to receive the approval to make the adjustments you want.

Even after obtaining all of the necessary authorisations and licenses, there may still be delays in the construction process. There will only be particular schedules where renovation will be allowed to happen. Make sure you’re ready for any adjustments and talk with your condo renovation team in Singapore about it.

Most interior design firms are experts in these problems, so they most likely know how to plan delays and issues like these.


Hire the right contractor

Your condo renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey and should not indicate breaking your bank account. If redoing the condo interior design in Singapore is out of your price range, renovating one room at a time is entirely acceptable. Rushing the process will only cost you more money and stress. 

That’s why it’s also essential to hire the right interior design firm like Project Guru. They make sure to transform your house into something more than just your living space. Visit them today and see their previous projects!