What makes a copy sell?

Indeed, the only goal of copywriters is to convert readers into customers. Regardless of their product or service, these people aim to attract audiences and turn them into clients or subscribers by the end of their sales pitch.

To make a sale can be a pretty daunting task, especially to newbies in the industry. However, focusing only on the money can lead you to disappointment, as, like everybody else, you are expecting someone to bite your offer at the end of the day.

You can avoid the frustration, though, by looking into the copywriting traits that enamour readers. You may not realise it at first glance, but readers buy not only because of impulse but of brand recall.

Every successful copywriting agency in Singapore takes high regard for its readers. If you feel the same way and would want to make it big by continuously captivating your readers, here are some points to check out:

  1. Your copy slants your readers’ perspective.

Every story has a myriad of angles. You can sell those that are most apparent or block the ones you don’t want them to learn about. However, have you asked yourself if these approaches are always necessary?

Honestly, sometimes you don’t have to use them.

It’s because there are instances when you just need to tilt the story a bit to give your readers a new take on the subject matter. It would be better to provide them with an idea that’s already there but not often talked about. This idea will then shake the perspective they are already accustomed to and motivates them to sit back, think deeper, and consider trying out your offer.

  1. Your copy finds connections.

For instance, you are writing to sell a new phone. You could write about its standout features, its unique design, and other qualities that are not in today’s current models. This is the usual route copywriters take.

Yet, have you thought about how this new phone connects to your target customers?

One of Nike’s most memorable print ads didn’t have any sports celebrity in it. Instead, it just talked about running. Running away from the bills, from work and mortgages and toxic relationships, from everything that hurdles you from enjoying life in its crudest form.

It is regarded to be one of the brand’s most powerful ads only because it created a connection between the essence of Nike’s products and the overall human experience. With a relatable link between the two, people fell in love with Nike even more.

  1. Your headline strikes a continuous sting.

Every copywriting agency in Singapore invests in crafting captivating headlines. Of course, headlines establish the core of your sales pitch. They grab your readers’ attention, they appeal to their emotions, and most importantly, they give people a reason to stay and read throughout the rest of your copy.

Ideally speaking.

Yet not every copywriter creates stunning headlines. Not even all copywriters realise the true purpose of headlines.

Headlines are made not solely to grab a reader’s attention. They should be written in such a way that it engages a person to read the second line and the one after. It should speak of your main idea and keep your readers clinging to it. Once they feel that your headline does not represent the rest of your story, they will stop reading your copy.

  1. Your text body is free from jargon.

Lastly, readers remember copy that they can immediately relate to. Apart from the emotions they felt from your story, they also remember you when you speak in a language they understand.

Hence, when trying to sell your business, talk to them in their tongue. Don’t hype it up with technical terms or phrases that only intend to impress -because your audiences don’t buy these. Instead, they’d want to read what’s in your heart.