Amazon PPC is an excellent opportunity for sellers to increase their sales numbers exponentially. The usage of the right strategy and targeting the customers shall help you gain rewards organically. Indeed, the master plan is to launch the product on Amazon one by one and increase the visibility of the brand as well. But there are a few clinical mistakes that we tend to make as we approach this Amazon’s internal advertising system.

Mistakes that Can Cost your Ad Campaigns on Amazon

The mistakes that we have sketched here are the grave ones. This shall cost you a lot of money if such mistakes are committed in the Ad campaigns. 

  • Poor Ad Campaign Structure

This hits the list on top. Naming your Ad campaigns shall help you save a lot of money and energy as you proceed with Amazon PPC. As such, you might have multiple campaigns for multiple products, if your campaigns are not named appropriately, you shall lose visibility and also lose marketing edge. 

Name the campaigns the way it is mentioned below

Type of Advertising + Targeting Type + Keywords Targeting or Product Targeting + Product + Strategy

  • Type of Advertising – product, brands, or display
  • Target Type – manual mode or auto mode
  • Keywords/ product – KW or PAT
  • Product – Short Description/ ASIN/ SKU
  • Strategy – Launch or mature by type 

Olifant Digital shall be of great support in helping you with the right campaign name. We are the experts in Amazon PPC Ad campaigns. Having experience of increasing the sale count multifold so far, we shall be the best one for all your Paid and organic campaigns.

  • Usage of Keywords

This shall be of greater importance as you approach the Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns. There can be 1000 keywords, it is not necessary to use all the 1000 keywords. At the same time, targeting customers with just 5 or fewer keywords is again a blunder. 

This is like, you throwing away the money for someone’s use. At the same time, let us not be crazy enough to use many keywords and end bankrupt end of the day. As you know, pay per click is just pay per click. It has to convert into sales for you to make a profit. 

  • Progress Monitoring

This must be a regular practice. If you do not monitor your performance, how shall you know the status of your products? Amazon PPC Guide shall always suggest you know your Ad campaigns’ performance. You must understand the number of invalid clicks, number of attributed sales, and so forth. As you know, you can make informed decisions about your existing marketing plan or even make a fresh plan for other products as well. 


While these are the most costly mistakes, other mistakes can cost your business a lot of money too. As such, those mistakes are based on planning. Say, for example, ACoS target, Sale target, a daily budget is not done. Unless you know how much you can spend, you can never make a good marketing plan.