There’s been a lot of buzz around CyberGhost in the past months, mainly because they’ve been improving the quality of their service substantially. In this Cyberghost avis we’ll talk about their service, its cost, and what Cyberghost is mainly about.

For those of you who don’t know, CyberGhost is a VPN provider which offers premium-quality service at a very approachable price, so without any further ado, let’s see what this VPN can offer you.

CyberGhost 7 Business Review – Safety first

The main subject of this avis Cyberghost is to acquaint you with how great this VPN is. What speaks volumes about the quality of their service is the fact that they’re one of the most active privacy-right advocates among all VPN providers.

They support and promote civil rights and freedom, especially within the realms of the Free-Internet culture. They were founded in Romania back in 2011 and they’ve been climbing the ladder ever since. CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN providers in Germany and Europe in general.

What separates CyberGhost from other VPN providers is quite controversial – they’ve taken a step beyond by initiating the Cyber Freedom program, whose sole aim is to ensure protection for every journalist who fights to defend civil rights and freedoms. Some people think that this is nothing more than an overpriced marketing strategy. Even if it is nothing more than a publicity stunt, at least they’ve raised awareness on topics that are not too common these days.

CyberGhost Business Summary


  • Fast, reliable VPN
  • App-friendly, suitable for Androids and iPhones
  • Doesn’t keep track of your records or any form of logs
  • Very easy to use


  • Doesn’t offer adequate protection against IPv6 based leaks
  • No IP Binding or NAT firewall

Subscriptions, prices and rates For Your Business

Initially, CyberGhost can be perceived as a mid-priced VPN provider if we look at the price tag of 1-month subscription. Basically, the 1-month package costs $12.99, which is nowhere near ‘cheap’ by any means.

However, the 6-month package deal lowers the monthly cost down to $7.99, totaling in $47.94 for whole 6 months.

One of the newest additions to the CyberGhost deals is the fact that they’ve transformed their 12-month value package into a 18-month package without changing the cost. Basically, you’re getting a $49.5 receipt ($2.75 per month) for 18 months, which is clearly a price most competitors can’t beat.

Navigate anonymously and gap any form of censorship

CyberGhost is a type of VPN provider that cares for your online security. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, there are many servers you will be able to use to keep yourself in the black.

The process of retaining your anonymity is completely automatic – as soon as you enter a server, CyberGhost will put on a military-grade encryption on the link, making it invisible to anyone but you. Even the VPN provider won’t be able to track you down. You will also be able to bypass any geo-block or other forms of censorshi