Web and print design are two different fields, but they have more in common than you might think. Both are visual mediums that require a lot of planning, and both can be used to promote your business. Web design is a newer field than print design, but it’s one that has grown exponentially in recent years.

Although the fields of web and print design may seem similar at first glance, there are some important differences between the two. While web design is still relatively new, it’s quickly becoming an important part of any business’ marketing strategy. Here are some of the main differences between web and print design:

Web design is the process of creating websites, which can be viewed using a web browser. A website is a collection of HTML documents, images, multimedia and stylesheets that are stored on a web server, which can be accessed through a browser over the Internet. Web designers use HTML code to create web pages for their clients’ websites. Designers may also use CSS code to style their web pages with colors and fonts as well as JavaScript to add interactivity to the pages.

Print design refers to any printed material that is made for print publication such as newspapers, magazines or brochures. Print designers create layouts by combining text and images together into one cohesive unit on paper or other media that will be printed for distribution. Print designers often use Adobe Illustrator or InDesign software for creating vector graphics and logos as well as Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks software for designing raster graphics such as photographs or illustrations in vector format.

Print designers often work on brochures or similar marketing materials that get distributed to people who may not even know about your business yet. Web designers focus on building websites that will help you attract new customers or clients who are already familiar with your brand. This makes them ideal for promoting products or services that are new on the market or ones that people need to learn more about before purchasing them.

While print design has been around for centuries and has had time to evolve into its own art form, web design is still relatively new. It’s only been in existence for about 20 years or so and has had to develop on its own without any formal training programs or education programs available until recently. Web designers need to be familiar with HTML code, CSS coding and JavaScript programming if they want their sites to function properly.

Web designers can specialize in different areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing or creating a website from scratch using coding languages like HTML5 and CSS3 (which allow websites to display more dynamic content).

Web design is digital while print design is physical. This means that web designers use software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to make websites, while print designers use paper, pencils and ink to make prints such as posters or magazines.

Web designers create digital graphics in programs like Photoshop while print designers use their artistic talents to draw illustrations on paper. A graphic designer creates graphics for things like websites, logos and advertisements while an illustrator draws illustrations for things like books and magazines.