Does the idea of ​​starting your own internet business ever cross your mind? You are not alone. The possibility of not having to buy a point of sale and the wide range of customers are attractive to the small or micro entrepreneur. The news is that the market is hot e-commerce revenues in Brazil reached an impressive $ 59.9 billion last year, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce. Best of all, the industry is still on the rise in 2018, with 18% growth expected this season. For the Dispensary POS Software you can have the finer instances now. Apply for digital marketing course in hyderabad to learn more.

How to open an online store

Do you know what are the main steps to start your e-commerce and take advantage of the optimistic market context. Today you will learn how to open an online store from the following topics:

  • Platform
  • Planning: administrative and logistics
  • Legislation.
  • Platform

The first step of your journey is to choose which type of platform will house your online store . Keeping in mind the niche your business is in, think of the best way to reach your audience and find a tool that will meet their needs.

It is common for companies that have online stores to grow periodically, so it is important to choose a model that tracks business development. It’s not interesting to have to redo everything if your sales increase faster than expected, so your site ends up not supporting the flow of people or the amount of merchandise to be exposed.

You can choose from the following options:

Free Platforms

Although they add no cost to the investment, this type of platform is very simple and does not allow customization. So your store ends up assuming an identity and operation similar to what you see in all online sales segments, making it difficult to consolidate your brand.

Open Source Platforms

Also free, open source websites require the user to have specific programming knowledge using code or to hire a specialist. While allowing for greater customization, you will not be supported to make changes or improvements as your sales grow.

Paid Platforms

Already paid platforms, offer you the full service, with customization and support. The quality of the platform brings benefits that can directly impact sales results.

Opting for this type of solution ensures the service is aligned with your goals, from business planning to sales completion. In addition, it is possible that the same company offers solutions to create a website or even offers a platform that makes it possible to extract reports automatically from the data registered in the system.

Planning: administrative and logistics

The tricky part of setting up an online store, however, is invisible to the public eye – at least until a problem with a delivery or payment comes your way. The famous administration is the sector responsible for financial control from invoice issuance, payment registration and inventory management, for example. It is at this stage that the business operation is guaranteed. You can know more at digital marketing institute in bangalore about this.