Before you get into affiliate marketing, hoping to make money regularly, you may be heading into a difficult profession. Affiliate marketing is highly associated with people with multiple skills, people who have vast knowledge on how different things work, or people who are good in business and sales. It is quite true. You will also need to possess the necessary skills of marketing on the internet. The basics are not the hardest, and anyone can learn through practice, spending time and being persistent. The big steps involved are: Choosing a niche and a product (or a few products), learning how analytics works, learning how to generate traffic, and learning how to build a mailing list.

Choosing a niche and a product

Pick a niche from one of the low competition niches. The example niches may be fitness, fashion, online dating, personal finance, self improvement, or more. With the niche you have chosen, pick a few products. At this stage it is critical. You must take your time to do some research and analysis to ensure the product you have chosen has a more than good enough profit margin. A higher profit margin always translates into more revenue for you in the end. When you are able to pick a low competition and high converting product in your niche, a large portion of the issues in your affiliate marketing business career is already solved. If you are unable to get a low competition product, then get a high converting product, which is the second best option that you can have. When you first started, you should handle just one product. Get familiar with how everything works. Later when your hands are free, add a second product to your list of niche products, then a third, and so on.

Test in practice to learn how traffic generation works

You should do some proper learning about traffic generation. It doesn’t mean you only go to courses or read books. The important element is to practice doing it. Whether it is social media or search engines or forums that you are trying to acquire the traffic for your website, you will need to spend tremendous amount of time on each type of platform to be able to consistently generate the traffic that is needed for selling your niche product.

Build a mailing list

Visitors may come to your site, but many of them would leave your site without taking action at all. Because of this nature, you would have lost many visitors who you have worked very hard to acquire in the first place, and you would have basically no way of getting them back a second time. At least the decision to get the visitors to your website for a second time is not actively with you. This leads to why you should learn how to actually build a mailing list. With a mailing list, you would basically have the contact information of your visitors, which is usually their email addresses. What happened is that when they visited your website or one of your landing pages, on your site you have a lead magnet which draws the attention of the visitors, and somehow they ended up subscribing to your mailing list.