To a lot of people, shipping golf carts across long distances is a very difficult process. It is not realistic to tow golf cart hundreds of miles on your own. So, what should be done to move a golf cart across locations?

Fortunately, there is a safe, cost-efficient, and secure way to do this job. It is through hiring car shipping services.  In this article, we are going to tell you the steps to perform to ensure successful golf cart shipping.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a trusted auto transport company that you should choose for shipping your golf cart. The company adheres to the special handling and shipping needs of the golf cart to ensure its safe and secure movement.

Features of a Golf Cart Shipping services

Ship A Car is a leading auto transportation firm that specializes in golf cart shipping across destinations. Some of the features of their services are:

  • Based on the needs and budget of the client, they offer open transport as well as enclosed transport options. For long-haul moves, the enclosed shipping alternative is preferred. It ensures the safe transportation of the golf cart.
  • The company also offers golf cart transportation services throughout Alaska, Hawaii, and the continental US.
  • They also offer door-to-door and coast-to-coast golf cart shipping services.
  • There is no Up-Front Deposit needed
  • Users get access to expert shipping professionals that are known to offer the highest level of service
  • They offer shipping services to any location in the US
  • The company has more than thirty years of countrywide Golf Cart transport experience with the Golf Cart moving experts.

Determine the Source and Destination

To begin with the shipping process, the user will need to identify the right pick-up and delivery address. In addition to it, identify the timeline to collect and deliver the golf cart so that there is someone to present to hand-over or collect the shipment at the stated location.

Find the Right Shipping Firm

Another very important thing is the selection of the appropriate shipping service that can meet your shipping needs efficiently. Remember that there are very few single auto-shipping companies that are as credible as it shows itself to be. Out of all, around eight percent of companies do not live up to their expectations.

Do not mistake an affordable service for high-quality service as the level of service is proportional to the price you pay. Choose a reputed car shipping firm that offers you the most affordable and convenient service.

Read the Reviews

Use review websites to find the reputation and reactions from its past shipping clients. These websites rate any company in the range of 1 to 5. Get detailed knowledge about what its past customers feel about the company. Hire only those shipping firms that have more than three stars on the website.


Shipping a golf cart may not be as straightforward as carrying household stuff. If you are confused about how to ship a golf cart, then the above steps will guide you to make the shipping process successful.