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When you want to buy a new home, regardless of whether you already have the required amount to pay cash or apply for a bank loan , it is important to think about the long-term consequences, as each variant involves a certain commitment, maybe even sacrifices from you. you and your family. If you are a doctor and have an existing loan then you can replace that with physician home loan.

If you do not know what financing method to choose for the new home, read on to find out what it means and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What does cash payment mean?

Real estate developers use the notion of “cash” by referring to the purchase of a home from their own sources available in the bank without resorting to a bank loan , and not to “ice money”.

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  • What are the benefits of cash payment

Here are the main advantages if you decide to buy a house with cash:

You do not pay rates and other bank charges – There are no bank credit costs, so in the end, you pay less.

You can negotiate the price – Developers prefer this method of payment because it lowers the risk that you will change your mind and withdraw from the process. In addition, they recover their money faster, which is why they are often willing to make you a more attractive offer.

You own the house – The fact that you already own the home will give you a sense of security. Otherwise, the bank has a mortgage and in case of non-payment, it can go to forced execution.

Don’t worry about lending history – History is one of the main factors that the bank takes into account when analyzing your application. If you have a negative history, you increase the chances of not getting funding.

The sale-purchase process ends faster – Generally, the approval of a bank loan takes several days, but in case of irregularities or uncertainties, the period can be extended up to 3-4 months. If you choose to pay cash, the purchase ends as soon as all the documents have been signed and any unforeseen problems have been resolved, and your commitment is short-term. With the doctor loans north carolina now you can have the finest choices present now.

You pay a fixed price – Bank rates depend on market fluctuations, so rates and implicitly the final price may vary.

What are the issues of cash payment

Before making a decision, consider the disadvantages of these payment methods. These include:

Stay Saved – If you use most of your funds to pay for your home, you risk staying “uncoated” in the event of a financial emergency. Also, you cannot take advantage of an investment opportunity if it happens.

Payment by credit

Cash payment is not always the best solution, whether or not you have enough own funds to pay the entire purchase price of the house. The alternative is to apply for a bank loan , but in general, it does not exceed 85% of the value of the building for which you apply for financing.

If you are thinking about accessing a bank loan to buy a new home, you have several types of loans:

  • First Home Credit
  • Mortgage loan
  • Real estate loan
  • Credit for personal needs

Personal loan needs with mortgage

Keep reading this article to find out what are the main differences between these loans and what is best for you.