To start trading, you will need certain financial investments. Without them, it will not be possible to acquire bitcoin. Also of great importance are knowledge of the basics of the exchange and the principles of trading. If you start trading, having no idea about this process, most likely you will not be able to make money. In the worst case, you can simply merge all the invested funds.

Often, newcomers acquire bitcoin in the hope of further growth in the rate. Morally unprepared for losses and drawdowns, they often try to withdraw capital at the slightest drop in value. Even with future growth, it will not be possible to earn in such a situation. You can plan for btcprofit in this case.

The Essential Choices

  • It is important to keep in mind that trading does not endure haste, and also requires nerves of steel. To get a serious income, you have to stock up endurance and patience.
  • Traders themselves decide at what point and at what cost they should buy bitcoin or sell it. The exchange’s mission is to control transactions and protect users from fraud. It turns out that no one can steal the invested funds.
  • The only enemy of the trader is himself, his impatience and lack of necessary knowledge. When trading on the exchange, outright fraud is much less common than when trying to make money on mining bitcoin or Bitcoin faucets.

It turns out that the Bitcoin exchange cannot be called another scam; it is a real and affordable way to earn money. Reviews about exchanges as a scam most often appear on the network from those users who were not really ready to bid.

In any case, the choice of a trading platform should be approached with maximum responsibility. It is important to understand that each exchange has its own trading conditions and its own rules, with which it is necessary to coordinate its actions.

Before you start trading bitcoin, it is important to remember the following:

Bitcoin today are not a legalized currency in Russia. No laws have been developed for them that protect traders. That is why in case of loss of funds there will be no one to complain;

The rules of Bitcoin wallets established that lost secret access keys cannot be restored. That is why it is important to record passwords and keep them out of the reach of third parties;

It is important to know in advance what commission the service charges for withdrawing bitcoin. There are frequent cases when you have to pay up to 20% of the amount transferred per transaction;

The trader must constantly keep abreast of the pulse; monitor the exchange rate at the current moment in time. Do not forget that Bitcoin is characterized by serious volatility, that is, its value is changing at a tremendous pace.

What is bitcoin exchange?

So what is a bitcoin exchange?

Bitcoin exchange (bitcoin) is an online platform with which the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency is carried out. To start trading, it is enough to register on the exchange by creating an account, as well as deposit the necessary amount of money.