Many of us have our birth certificates in a secure location in our homes or a safety deposit box. It’s common to forget all about them, but there are times when you need this documentation. Even if you find yourself not needing it that often, it’s a good idea to have a few copies readily available. Here are five situations when you’ll need to have access to them rather quickly.

Registering Your Child For School

Almost any school will require a birth certificate upon registration for upcoming classes. It will be used to prove the age of your child, so they can then be placed in the correct classroom. Also, the information on the certificate can be helpful to have to use for a student’s file on-hand as needed. Schools will keep confidential data that moves to each progressing grade about every student who attends. Families in a hurry usually save themselves time with one useful resource- order birth certificate online.

Getting A Driver’s License

Many states will require a birth certificate to obtain your first driver’s license. In some, they might ask for this document to renew the license. A birth certificate will always secure you a reputable source of identification, so you don’t waste a trip to the DMV. Either way, it never hurts to have it with you when you accomplish any task related to your driver’s license


Tying the knot has some legal requirements you need to take care of to make it official.  States can require a birth certificate from each spouse to make the marriage license an official document. Although you’ll need the marriage license to get married, it also will be helpful in other situations like purchasing a new home.


A birth certificate is the primary proof of identification when you want to get a passport. You’ll find that a good amount of popular cruise lines ask for a birth certificate before boarding.  For children, airline policies differ among them, yet it is a good idea to bring it along with you when traveling with a minor who doesn’t have a form of identification.

Other Important Life Events

You’ll be surprised to discover how often a birth certificate is needed. Whether you’re applying for a mortgage for a home, starting a new career, or you need it to dispute an issue with your bank, a birth certificate is essential to have for all of life’s big moments.

Order Birth Certificate To Save Time and Hassles 

In 2019, the ease of doing things online also applies to get a birth certificate. For an affordable price, you can now get yours quickly with a few clicks on your computer.