Richard Liu, aka Liu Qiangdong, was born in Suqian, Jiangsu province of China, on March 10th, 1973. His parents both worked in the coal shipping business from northern to southern regions of China. Liu Qiangdong went to china Europe international business school, where he attained his MBA degree. He also went to Renmin University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in sociology. However, as a young person, Liu developed an interest in learning other skills, something that pushed him to learn computer coding. After graduation, Liu ventured into the job market and began working at Japan Life, a company that specialized in health products. After working there for two years, Liu chooses to start his business, which he did in 1998, Jingdong. His business specialized in distributing magneto-optical products, although it was a small store.

In 2004, the SARS epidemic strike, and it pushed everyone to remain indoors. However, for Liu Qiangdong, this was an opportunity for him to transform his business into a strictly online store, and this lead to the birth of, which is the largest Chinese internet company. It now competes with US-based giants like Amazon and eBay.

The Ice Cream Sale

According to recent data, JD has been able to sell at least four million ice cream from July 6th to 12th. JD made July 10th their super ice cream day something that facilitated the increase of ice cream sales to over 16 times the normal rate during that period of ice cream sale, JD had about 400 different types of ice cream from 30 brands. Therefore, customers were able to get unique flavors and even had the opportunity to taste from different brands.

Traditionally, ice cream is the one thing that customers prefer to buy from local stores rather than getting it online. This has been the case due to the logistics of transportation, as everyone loves the ice cream before it melts. However, JD has, on the other hand, come up with cold-chain logistics, and they use fast delivery channels. This technique, therefore, allows customers to place their ice cream order online without fear that the ice cream will melt along the way.

During hot seasons, the number of ice cream lovers increases significantly. Therefore, with good technology in handling the ice cream and ensuring that it gets to the consumer looking the same as when it left the store, it enhances customer confidence to order., on the other hand, they have gone the extra mile to allow the customer to schedule a purchase. They also cover the ice cream with melt insurance, which guarantees customer’s compensation in case the products don’t arrive in good condition. Additionally, the JD logistics work on ensuring customer satisfaction; therefore, they deliver strictly according to the customers’ expectations.

JD Ice Cream Consumption Trends

– At midnight, JD releases coupons, which makes it the appropriate time for the customer to order the most. The reason behind this is because most people treat online shopping as their way of relieving stress before getting to bed.

– The majority of customers prefer buying mini size ice cream such as mini Cornetto and mini Magnum, among others. Buying mini size makes it possible for families to satisfy the needs of their children without overspending on ice cream.

– Ice cream products are quite popular on JD as they are innovative and unique. Each brand has its special ingredient that makes their products innovative and different from the others.

– Post 1995s and 2000s, customers have increased significantly, which has raised the ice cream sale margin. This customer gap is the fastest growing among other age group customers.