Simply put, marketing is all about getting out there and telling stories about your business. But, every seasoned entrepreneur already does that.

It’s all about the approach. The way you promote your services and products is what will make you stand out from the crowd. A business that has the right kind of exposure has an edge over the competition.

Direct Mail

Once email had been introduced to the corporate world, companies almost entirely abandoned regular mail. But, recently, direct mail has come back and is again gaining in popularity. Even though it has limitations in terms of speed and cost, direct mail offers a good ROI.

The ability to personalise and customise direct mail makes it a particularly creative and effective tool for targeted promotional campaigns. Direct mail can have a substantial psychological effect on your audience. On top of that, it is more convenient to read.

According to research, brand recall is considerably higher for traditional mail compared to email. Increased sales, faster response rates, and deep-seated brand awareness are some of the more considerable benefits traditional mail offers.


Think about a few images that have left a strong impression on you. Where have you seen them? Chances are, not on a screen.

Images we see in real life have a stronger impact. Even though digital libraries give us the chance to store more photos than we can count, people still love to go to exhibitions. Leverage this fact of life to promote your business through banners and signs.

Everyone has to go outside. There’s no way you can avoid billboards and banners. But, unlike billboards, banners are portable and affordable. You can place them right where they need to be.

Are you targeting young adults and college graduates? Strategically place banners and flags near the entrance of a large musical festival. When the party’s over, move them elsewhere. Use real-life images to outsmart the competition that solely relies on digital marketing.

Event Marketing

Spreading the word in person is a great way to generate buzz. Events are the best place to do that. You can attend conferences or organise events yourself. It’s much easier to disseminate your message in a place crowded with likeminded people.

You can organise free courses, seminars, and lectures to attract your target audience. The extra effort you put in may gain you more loyal customers. In addition to speaking directly to consumers, make sure to attend events that are fertile ground for networking.

Conferences, community events, trade shows are not just great for handing out advertising material. They’re also excellent for connecting with others from your niche. Such places offer you the perfect chance to study the competition as well.

Magazine and Newspaper Ads

Television, radio, and newspapers are still widespread. Lots of startups ignore the existence of traditional media and they end up paying the price for it. But, truth be told, people are tired of being forced to sit through while trying to catch their favourite TV show.

Magazines and newspapers, on the other hand, allow you to post creative and compelling ads without forcing anyone to look at them. Instead, you get to entice the consumer.

Paper ads should break the pattern that surrounds them. Let’s say you want to place an ad in a newspaper that features mostly text. If the circumstances allow to, use daring imagery and colours.

But, if you want to advertise in an art magazine that features mostly photos and images, the focal point should be on blank spaces and content. Seeing a well-crafted magazine ad has become a quaint experience.

Flyers and Brochures

The biggest hubs of consumer activity are still malls, street stalls, and brick and mortar stores. They are ideal for strategical distribution of brochures, flyers, and leaflets. Face-to-face interaction makes them an effective marketing tool.

You can even use customized URLs to measure the impact of small print. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to analyze the gathered data and use it to improve your business.

Find a non-competing business that ships products to your target audience. Try to work out a partnership.

Offer them something, and, in return, ask them to ship their packages with your stickers, flyers and brochures. Avoid being spammy by offering them something useful. For instance, you can turn your flyers into nice bookmarks.

There is also another way to get in touch with client is to remember their personal occasion and select the best gift from custom gift shop for him to approach.


Many businesses attempt to gain exposure by trying to invent new ways of marketing. But, instead of creating a brand new category, reinventing tried and true techniques can be your way in. While your competitors are too busy checking their KPIs online, use the right tools to snatch their customers.