A time that is both exciting and challenging is when new staff are being hired. You are thrilled to add a new member to the team, but what do you do when there is an overwhelming number of job applicants for only one position?

At various points in the hiring process, you will be required to break the disappointing news to good prospects that you will not be moving further with them in the process.

Knowing the proper way to break the news to an applicant that they have not been selected for a position can have a positive or negative impact on the reputation of your firm, and it may even encourage highly qualified applicants to apply for jobs at your company in the future. After all, even if they might not be the ideal candidate at the moment, the position that is ideal for someone with their qualifications might be opening up very soon. Keep reading on how to tell someone they didn’t get the job!

The Art of Breaking the News to Someone That They Did Not Get the Job

Send an Update or Rejection Letter as Soon as Possible

Take a minute to reflect on your professional journey to this point and the instances in which you’ve been presented with opportunities to accept or decline employment offers. As you waited for the news, you were required to put up with the persistent nervousness and suspense that you felt. You might have had trouble concentrating at work because you kept thinking about the changes that could occur in your life in the next weeks and months.

Maintain Brevity Please

Maintaining professionalism in your candidate rejection letter is essential at all times, and one of the best ways to do so is to keep it brief. You are not need to immediately go into specifics about what went well during the job interview or provide them with constructive input at this moment, particularly if you are delivering a written response to their inquiry at this time.

Maintain a sympathetic and personal attitude

Personalising a rejection letter for an interview is still necessary, despite the fact that using a template can be helpful from an organisational standpoint. Keep in mind that even though you may be reviewing the applications of more than fifty individuals, each candidate may only be interested in applying for one of the positions that you are providing.

Last but not least, rejection emails are a great strategy for maintaining customer relationships with candidates. If your company offers a product or service, then it is quite likely that the people who are interested in supporting your brand are also fans of the product or service in the first place. When people have unfavourable views towards a business, it’s possible that they stop supporting that business by cutting back on their spending.