If you have ever felt a nudge to do an Ohio offender search just to be on the safe side and see if there are any sex offenders that live near you, don’t ignore it. It does not take a lot of effort to locate the Ohio sex offender registry search panel and punch in your zip code. You never know who is living near you, or your loved ones.

Sex Offenders in Ohio

Ohio is one of the states that will go out of the way to inform people when sex offenders move into their neighborhoods. In fact, if a convicted sex offender moves in within 1,200 feet of a resident in the state of Ohio, the state will send a letter of notification to the residents to let them know. The letter will include the name, address, and photo of the offender. However, that means that if they are 1,500 feet away, residents won’t get a letter. This is why you, as a parent or guardian have to stay diligent in the way that you conduct your safety measures. Doing routine sex offender searches can uncover any lurking dangers that you might not be aware of.

The Sex Offender Registry

Megan’s Law was established in 1996 after the horrific kidnapping and murder of Megan Kanka. The man responsible for the crime had recently been released from an institution for other sex crimes against children. Nobody in the neighborhood was aware that a convicted child molester had moved into the area. When Megan’s Law came into effect, it required all people that had been convicted for sex offenses to register with the state that they reside in so that the communities could have a chance to know who is around them and their children. Each state has its own specific laws that govern the way that sex offenders are handled, but all states make sure that sex crimes against children are handled with extra care.

Knowing the Facts

Whenever a person moves into a neighborhood you never know where they came from or who they are. Sex offenders do not have a certain look about them that will tell you whether or not they are safe for your children to be around. This is exactly why being able to do a sex offender search online is such a good thing. Whenever a convicted sex offender is released or changes residences they are required by law to inform the registry and let them know the changes that have occurred. They are required to provide an accurate and current address wherever they live. Even if they are homeless, they have to provide authorities with a location in proximity to where they sleep at night. Doing a sex offender search can uncover enough facts about your surroundings to keep people safe from could-be dangerous sexual predators.

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