Communication, teamwork, mutual respect, trust, goal setting, and more, are elements that are essential after any Hong Kong startup founder and co-founders have completed Hong Kong company incorporation.

Communication: You will need to allow good communication within your Hong Kong startup. The definition of strong communication (in a startup company environment) may have to first come from the employees. It cannot come directly from the team leader.

Teamwork: Teamwork looks easy from the surface, but it is one of the hardest aspects to achieve in any work circumstances whether it is a large corporate or a newly started small business. You simply cannot image a great company culture that does not promote inclusive teamwork. This picture will never fit anywhere in any real work environment. What your startup can do is to avoid putting/assigning people in silos because silos simply kill communication and teamwork. When staffs are in silos for long enough, they would even stop working in any type of teamwork. Make sure you can prioritize an inclusive atmosphere where all departments and employees work together. Teams that span across multiple locations (such as Hong Kong and another location) may have to figure out how they can implement seamless teamwork.

Mutual respect: People are people. At the end of the day, you will need to apply mutual respect among staffs, team members, managers, etc whether they work from your Hong Kong head office or other regions. Mutual respect is one important element that must be contributed by everyone to towards building a great company culture. There are always conflicts and frictions during work. But think of this: When conflicts and/or frictions occur within a healthy workplace, the opportunity arises to test against the mutual respect which is essential to let a culture grow and thrive.

Trust among individuals and teams: Trust is an attribute. The best version of trust in the work place is for it to flow throughout the entire company. When trust is strong and healthy, there is no limit to the potential of your company. But when it becomes weak, it is a big warning sign for the teamwork to start losing productivity. Proper leadership and healthy employee engagement would help boosting long term trust among individuals and teams. The evidence of high trust is when a new team member with no seniority walks into an executive team member’s office, speaks his mind, and receives no bad consequences.

Goals setting and results oriented: Goals are compulsory in any work environment. They allow team members to get in the strategic planning process with a definite end goal or some goals (that must be achieved). Goals may be for long term or short term. Goals may be assigned to a team working on a large project. On top of this approach, it promotes organizational processes and programs that matter to results driven mindset that is to take the company forward.