Agricultural operations and modern technologies worked differently a few decades ago, it is mostly because of the advancement of technologies in recent years. There is a fast-moving development in technology, science, so to keep farmers aware they need to be educated and have other skills in the field that affect agriculture.

Importance of Farmers Education:-

Farmers being experienced or beginners they need the proper knowledge, education, and training to ensure their success.

Training can help farmers to absorb the latest advancements in technology tools for their daily operations. Using such tools can result in enhancing their operations and also increase in efficiency which can eventually also lead to:

  1. Less harm to the environment
  2. Reduction in food adulteration
  3. Reduction of needs water and chemicals in the crops
  4. Increase profit

किसान or kisan (an honourable address in India) is the face of our country. Considering the importance of farmers in India, there should be proper structure and development for farmers so it can help them to cultivate correctly and multiply their profits. If the farmers are given proper education then it would help them to minimize the waste and help them to multiply their growth.

We can use the growth of digital India, as every person in India has a smartphone and so do the farmers. We can use apps that help to build a community so they can share their knowledge and help each other by posting questions and data.

Weather plays an important role in farmers’ lives. It can help them or destroy all their efforts. Earlier farmers relied on predictions or assumptions for weather conditions. There goes a saying ”Red sky in the morning, Shepherd’s warning. Red sky at night, Shepherd’s delight”. Here red skies are addressed to supreme farming conditions. It’s vivid, these sayings are just not enough to predict the weather.

There are apps  that sell agricultural products such as seeds, pesticides, manure, fertilizer directly to farmers. This would help them to purchase from authorized shops so it can guarantee them assurity and genuine products. By buying from authorized shops it will help them to buy agricultural products at a reasonable price. This would also avoid adulteration of products which can damage the crops and impact their growth.

It can also let you buy and sell cows and buffalos directly as it makes it more convenient for both buyer and seller. As it also cuts down the middle man so there would be no commissions.

Such apps can help them in every possible way and there are also different schemes under the pm kisan. So farmers can take advantage of such apps as well as the schemes by the government. This would help farmers to grow in the best possible way with fewer chemicals and multiply the profits.