Your home is your most prized possession and probably the biggest investment as well. You want to keep it in the best condition not only to put a great impression on the onlookers but for your self-satisfaction as well. Painting the home is an integral part of home maintenance. Both indoors and outdoors, you need to keep the home in a good state to keep its aesthetics and value.

Choose the Best Painters

If you are thinking that house painting is a simple job and you can manage it all by yourself, then you are highly mistaken. Painting a small room is one thing and the entire house is another. Moreover, with daily wear and tear and onslaught of the natural elements, the exterior walls lose their sheen, plaster and require the preparation of a proper base before paint can be applied. 

With so many things to do prior to actual painting, it makes sense to choose the specialists. You must choose specialist house painters that can do justice to the paint job and give your home the required sprucing up that it needs to maintain the curb appeal.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Painters

With a plethora of companies offering house painting services in Australia, choosing the best one requires some patience, dedicated research and smartness. Here are factors that can help you find the best painters:

  1. Check all options: You can find out about the available house painters from your yellow book, city directory, and online search and by word-of-mouth publicity from past customers. You need to check out all the options and short list the companies that take the top mention in all these options. 
  2. Services provided: Once shortlisted, you need to visit them personally or conduct a telephonic conversation asking about the services that they provide. If the company offers any additional services along with interior and exterior painting, it would be an added benefit. 
  3. Terms and conditions of work: You need to ensure that the company is experienced, has skilled painters and labor, is bonded and insured and follows all codes and regulations. The shortlisted companies should be able to tell you the estimated time within which they will finish the work. 
  4. Estimate: Taking a prior cost estimate is essential to ensure that you are not overcharged at the end of the project. You must be clear about your requirements and how you want the work to be done. Comparing the price estimates of at least 3 painting contractors is recommended to get the best deal.
  5. Preparation for the painting and cleanup: You must get everything in writing. It must be clear between the two parties as to who would be preparing the area for the painting and this includes moving the furniture and removing the switch plates and covers. You must also ensure that the chosen company takes the responsibility to clean up the job site after work completion.

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