The top 2 cryptocurrencies, Ether and Bitcoin, are constantly compared when it comes to profitability and reliability even though the two are quite different in terms of their origin and blockchain structures.

Bitcoin was introduced a decade ago as an electronic payment method. However, Ethereum’s platform was built with a completely different idea in mind. Ethereum is a decentralized platform meant to assist developers in building decentralized applications.

When it comes to trading crypto assets, ensuring the security and the safety standards of a platform are of utmost importance. Finding a reliable platform like, can make a world of a difference. The portal offers professional-grade trading tools and high margins to all its users and charges no commission.

Step 1: Sign-up on a high-end exchange platform.

Step 2: Fulfill the eligibility requirements by uploading all the required documents.

Step 3: Once logged in, select the ETH/BTC pair and mention the exact amount of BTC you want to convert into ETH.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Exchange/Trade Now’ button on the screen. You can exchange any number of pairs that are available on the platform.

Step 5: Enter the correct BTC wallet’s address from where the Bitcoin will be pulled in and ETH sent out to. If you do not have an offline wallet then buying a cold wallet is advised. Offline wllets are much more secure as compared to other kinds.

Step 6: Confirm that all the filled-in details are accurate and click on the ‘Confirm and make payment’ button.

Trading crypto assets at the right time can make a huge difference even though the cryptocurrencies are seen to move in a similar fashion. However, studying the market, staying abreast with the latest news, and following profitable patterns could reap you huge rewards.