The coronavirus outbreak followed by lockdowns, quarantines and other changes to the way of life have all had a staggering impact on the world businesses and economy as a whole, with some countries getting more impacted than others. Despite all the shutdowns we have witnessed businesses experience the demand for warehousing remains as strong as ever. With the majority of the population staying indoors (except for the careless ones), there has been an increase in digital consumption, e-commerce orders, and online shopping. Many online retail stores saw a surge in growth and there are no signs of backing off as long as the quarantine lasts. The bottom line is warehouses for lease in India as well as personal warehouse spaces are in high demand. This brings us to the conclusion that warehouses have regained some ground they lost during the initial wave of lockdown. And now that life is resuming back to normal or at least appears to be, it’s important to take all the necessary steps to make your warehouses as appealing as can be. Have a closer look:  

Give Sanitation A Heed

The biggest demand driving factor craved by all the potential clients at the moment is hygiene and cleanliness, no matter the type of inventory they wish to store with you. It becomes crucial then to highlight all the facilities and steps you have taken to ensure products’, workers’ and customers’ safety to the prospective tenants or clients. Having easy access to gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers on the premises reflects your seriousness.  Do you keep the shipments sterilized in a safe area when they arrive? Do you use germ-free wire shelving or sterile plastic shelving in the storage process? Being able to highlight the level of sanitization, you are willing to afford can go a long way towards attracting new customers and restoring the faith of the existing ones.   

Have a Variety Of Storage Options On Display

Not just during the pandemic but otherwise as well, the ability to demonstrate that your warehouse is versatile enough to store a number and variety of products can attract a wider range of customers. It also acts as a magnet for those who need to deal with both consumer goods as well as groceries. While wire shelving and pallet racks are common, do bring to their notice any other storage types such as walk-in cooler shelving for cold storage, food shelving for grocery items or document storage for long-term records and retention of paper goods. 

Maintain Open Communication

The present scenario could not be more chaotic. Corona outbreak has increased the gaps between clients and the service providers. It’s nothing but natural for your potential client to be assured that you are available whenever the need be. Unhampered communication channels at all times will give you a better edge over your competitors. Through a seamless contact mechanism, client anxiety can be reduced who will have faith in your ability to carry out smooth operations. 

Finally, with everyone being on high alert and media frequently reporting on the conditions workers are exposed to during these tough times, your clients would be very interested to know whether all your employees are as safe as possible. Reputed industrial real estate developers such as Indospace ensure that all their employees work in a safe and hygeinic environment. Knowing safety is your topmost priority will make your warehouse in Mumbai or any other city more appealing to potential customers.