We live in a different world than the one it was back in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic took over the world and we now live in another reality. Everyone needs to be protected and do everything they can to protect others. Facemasks are mandatory and everyone must wear one, especially in closed places.

Some parts of the world demand wearing them in the open too. In almost all places, having a facemask when you walk into a store, a mall, or any other inside object, means having a mask on your face. We got used to wearing them, and everyone accepted them as part of the overall styling.

Just like any other piece of clothing, facemasks are now a fashion detail. If you want to be unique and have something that will fit perfectly with the rest of the clothing, then you should be making your own piece. See more about clothing and fashion rules here.

If you don’t know how to do it, we’re here to help you. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will help you make the best facemask there is, and tell you what to mind while doing it. Keep up if you want to create something extraordinary and be unique.

Choose what you want to be printed on a mask

The first thing you should do before going into action is what kind of design you want to be printed on your mask. You should put something you truly love. Think about what you love the most, what inspires you, what makes you feel good, and what you’d proudly wear on it.

It doesn’t have to be a logo or a text message, you can create a full design and ask for the guys at the printing house to do it. Some people have amazing ideas that look adorable.

Find and buy masks

The next step is to find and buy the actual blank masks. They come in many different colors and looks. Choose the best materials and the best-looking ones. It’s not the same to wear the ordinary one-use surgical mask and fine-linen cotton-made mask that won’t sweat you.

Go through the internet and find sellers that will give you a great deal. Most people think that – if I design my own facemask, then it must be done perfectly.

Locate a nearby printing house

After you do this, it’s time to find a great printing house. Not any will do. Most of the printing places do not specialize in clothing exclusively but will print paper and other things primarily. Instead, you need those who print on clothing.

Locate these types on the internet map and see how far they are from your location. There’s no logic to go to another state for printing a mask, right? Instead, you should find one that will be close to your place, and you’ll easily go there and pick up your final product.

Make sure it’s working perfectly

Finding out if the place is still operating and have good feedback. Go on the internet and search through online reviews to find out if the printing place you’re thinking to hire is experienced enough, skilled, and leaves their customers satisfied. You only need the best one.

If you find a place that is working perfectly, then this is the one that should be making your facemasks. Read what people say and find more reviews to back one claim. If everyone says it’s working perfectly, then you know that this is the one you should be choosing.

Enjoy being unique

Finally, when you get your mask back, enjoy the fact that you’re being unique. You probably already thought of how you’re going to wear it and what you’ll combine it with. You know you have a one-of-a-kind mask, so enjoy the fact that you’re being the only one in the city wearing something like this.See why it’s great to be unique here: https://medium.com/be-unique/dare-to-be-different-why-being-unique-matters-5392ceeb7b.


These are some of the most important things you need to know when you’re searching for the best facemask, or better said when you want to create the best facemask there is. There’s no need for buying off the stock. If you want to be unique, designing your own is the best.