Fuel is the biggest asset for businesses like construction, aviation, shipbuilding, etc. These businesses rely on fuel for their daily operations. To ensure smooth working, they keep stock of fuel on the sites. Besides, to ensure proper storage of this asset, it is also important to maintain the proper health of the storage tanks. It is important to understand that any damage to the tanks can destroy the fuel and that will incur a much greater amount than the maintenance work. The best practice is to follow a pro-active approach for the maintenance of fuel storage tanks. You should set up a professional fuel tank repairs at Fuelfix & Tanks2Go regularly. You can set up a routine, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Keep detailed records of every maintenance work also covering all the emergency procedures. Here are some factors which explain the significance of fuel storage maintenance and encourage the practice.


  • Clean fuel for engines


Clean fuel is beneficial for engine life and function. It is a requirement for newer engines. Be it vehicles or machinery, the technology behind engines is constantly evolving for more efficient output. These newer sophisticated engines require clean fuel for competent and long-term services. Most businesses use store fuel for their vehicles and machines. A clean and well-maintained storage tank will ensure that the fuel you are using is clean and will not adversely affect the engine. Such maintenance not only increases the life of the storage tank but also of the engines operating on the stored fuel, thus giving you a double benefit.


  • Careful monitoring for fuels


Just like engines, fuel sciences are also developing and introducing more efficient fuels and cleaner. With the increasing degradation of the environment, the usage of these clean fuels has increased multiple folds. These fuels demand closer monitoring to ensure that their properties are well-preserved. Regular maintenance of storage tanks will help you in assessing the fuel characteristics and usage.


  • Checking water absorption


New cleaner fuels have ethanol as their key component. Many biofuels like biodiesel are also finding their niche in the market. These fuels are safer for the environment and burn faster.  However, the downside is, ethanol is highly soluble in water and other biofuels are also susceptible to water. Proper maintenance of fuel storage tanks including processes like cold weather maintenance and diesel fuel polishing keeps the viability of new fuels. It ensures that the fuels are kept clean and stable.


  • Risk assessment


Storage tanks keep flammable toxic substances that are potentially harmful. Inadequate maintenance can result in damage to the storage tanks. This can lead to contamination or leakage of fuel. This is a straight loss of resources. Additionally, it can harm the worker, nearly facilities and environment. With regular maintenance, you can ensure a safe and efficient work environment.


  • Compliance to government minimums


The government defines basic required properties of fuel which make it safe for usage. The measures defined by the government are to ensure safety for the environment and ecosystem. By keeping your storage tanks clean and properly maintained you can ensure that your fuel is not contaminated in any way. Regular maintenance keeps the fuel intact and under the government’s defined minimum parameters of fuel quality. This saves you from several legal hassles and unnecessary expenses. Aligning with the industry norms also helps you earn a name in the industry and helps your business flourish.