Infrastructure investments are less unpredictable than equities in the long term. It’s an asset period that has yields which are high. Due to these main reasons many people like to invest and do infrastructure investments. It includes funds which are involved in water infrastructure, transportation, investing in oil etc. According to infrastructure investment veteran Frederic Michel Verdier, years of experience is required in specializing in assets management and infrastructure investments in equity. You have to be very consistent if you want to get the experience in large scale investments in equity, assets management especially global infrastructure assets etc. 

Infrastructure Investment Areas – 

If you are interested in investing your currency in various projects/areas  like bridges, gas transmission or distribution, oil, electricity transmission or distribution, water supply, telecommunications, ports, railways, roads etc. then you should go in for a infrastructure company that offers you these types of investments. Registered managed investment schemes are also an open option for you to invest your currencies at the right places, so that your investment flows in through the right channel. There are people who are having an experience of more than 15 years in large scale investments in equity and global infrastructure assets management. Specialized professionals are also there who have good knowledge regarding infrastructure equity investments. In the past couple of months an excess of $ 2.5bn equity for the advantage of transport sectors have been deployed. 

Mr. Verdier has led many acquisitions including 30% stake in Poland (deep Container …) from Macquarie, besides his acquisitions in Polish Development Fund, PSA International, and FCC Aqualia. FCC Aqualia is a Spanish company of water management. It provides services to 25 million users in 1,100 municipalities over 22 countries, whether human purpose, or agriculture purpose or industrial purpose. Learn more about Frederic Michel Verdier on his website