When you talk about the real estate industry in Texas, you will hear about Jerome Karam Friendswood. As a trendsetter with many real estate projects to his name, Jerome Karam’s success story is nothing short of extraordinary, considering his starting business was litigation after completing his law studies. While he transitions his law firm as one of the best names in legal services and law fraternity, he also followed the real estate business as he always felt cut out for the real estate industry. He spends years handling his law office and progressing as one of the most prominent law services. However, after ten years in his legal firm, he finally moved on to pursue his passion for real estate. While the move surprised many as risking an active law business to go for a new venture was something unusual, Jerome had his eyes set for real estate. 

Almost two decades later, there is not much you can say that could accurately describe the success Jerome Karam is having in the real estate business. Name Dr. Impossible by the Galveston County Mayor Jim Yarborough, Jerome has been a phenomenal success. 

Owner of JMK5

Jerome’s signature business in real estate started operating in early 2000, and names his firm JMK5 Holdings. The same firm is now worth millions of dollars and continues to pull massive investments in Texas. One of the things that make Jerome stand out is that apart from his business activities, he has a keen interest when it comes to the progress and development of his community. 

Refurbishment and Restoration James also stepped into the business of building and renovation and made millions. It was one of his expertise to buy old and rundown buildings and turn it into a profitable real estate project. He recently purchased a K-Mart building. Like his other restoration projects, the K-Mart building is under a complete restoration to create a storage space for outdoor boats and RVs. Other notable purchases include buying the Oklahoma Sand springs. It is one of the few projects that Jerome has invested capital and time in, and he is always looking out for old structures that he can turn into profitable business ventures. 

Supporting the Community 

Jerome Karam always looks for a way to give back to his community. He is one of the top sponsors and contributors at the Catholic Community in Galveston. He is a promoter and organizer of many charity events that he runs or sponsors in Louisiana and Texas. Charitable events and donations for community programs benefit from the endorsement of Jerome.

His Community Programs

Jerome Karam Friendswood has many projects to his name that he invested in only to promote activities in his community. Some of the establishments that he stood behind and paid for include fitness training centers and public gymnasiums. He is also the sponsor of the Galveston Historical Society. While most prominent names in real estate are not actively contributing to community causes, Jerome is setting a prime example for every business enterprise. His motto remains the same, to achieve success in all business endeavors but also be a kind donor for community building and philanthropic projects. 

Using his Position for His Community 

Jerome Karam is a true professional who has a successful career in the legal fraternity and then a thriving career that continues to set trends in the real estate industry. He, in the course of his business, has made networks with influential people, and garner the respect and support of some of the wealthiest business tycoons. He uses his reputation as leverage to pull support and sponsors for his philanthropic drives.