HDB flats are subsidised public housing units for Singaporeans by the Housing Development Board in Singapore. And for many people, they’re a godsend: everyone knows that private housing can be ludicrously expensive; so much so that many people cannot afford them. The government has provided a way so that the population can afford homes, instead of facing property prices in the country (it can take close to or more than a million Singapore dollars to secure a home in the busier places of the metro!).

But the term “public housing” here in Singapore can have very different connotations than the one most people think of in other countries. While public housing areas are linked to poor neighbourhoods akin to slums, HBD flats come in many price ranges and levels of quality, with even a few akin to private housing units like luxury condominiums. These are divided into several classes of HBD that you should research carefully before making any decisions.

Security in HBD flats

If you’re living in HDB flats, or really, any sort of housing like apartments or condominiums, then privacy and security should be at the top of your list of considerations. Living in these housing units entail you living in close proximity to or with tenants who live in the same building as you. Because of this, you may experience heightened risks of theft, break-ins, robberies, and all sorts of security risks. While buildings may be mandated safety and security measures like HDB fire-rated doors and other solutions in common areas, it is still up to the homeowners to decide how and what will they use to secure their homes.

Unfortunately, the ways in which you can add security to your home may be limited because of the government’s strict guidelines on HDB flats. For example, in most cases, you are prohibited from installing surveillance cameras, a common security measure, outside your flat under normal circumstances. Use of CCTVs in HDB flats is regulated by the Town Council and you must get their approval before installing them outside your flat (as these areas are managed by them.

Need to know how you can secure your flat without any problems? Here are a few tips you should check out.

Upgrade the type of lock you have


You can’t have a secure home if your entrances and exits aren’t protected. DO you know that many burglars have admitted to entering the home via unlocked or unsecured homes? Getting a great door or gate lock is common sense for any home owner. You can find many types of HBD gate lock or door locks available on the market for you to choose from. 

Another thing to consider is the type of lock that you will install for your gate or door. Many are familiar with the standard mechanical or manual locks that can be opened with a key, but these aren’t the most secure types of locks you can get anymore. You may be a victim of an enterprising thief employing the use of lock picking or lock breakage just to get into your home.

A good idea is to invest in digital locks from Samsung and other trusted brands in electronic security solutions. Electronic locks are generally more secure than standard door locks, and best of all, they are also convenient, letting you forgo the use of keys which can be easily lost. Some high tech locks make use of advanced technologies like facial recognition or fingerprinting, which are unique to homeowners.

Secure your windows next



Aside from doorways and entrances, windows are the next preferred target of burglars when entering flats. If you don’t have sturdy windows, your houses can be easily broken into and ransacked. You can avoid this by choosing window designs with security measures like grilles to prevent people from gaining easy access to your flat. 

If you’re interested in securing your windows, you should directly deal with the installation and replacement of your flat’s windows. However, only contractors approved by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) can carry out these services. Check BCA’s Window Legislations on what is authorised.

Install alarm systems

Install-alarm-systems When in doubt, make use of the various alarm systems available to install in your home. Motion detectors, fire alarms, and other types of alarm systems can add a lot of protection to your home. They are also unintrusive and can be easily installed to protect your premises.

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